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Bottega del Vino

Vino Fino [Now Closed]
January 20, 2016
By , Associate Editor

The scoop: It’s not often that tourists and locals find common ground, but that’s the power of great food, not least great Italian food. In addition to the longtime New Yorkers who call this place their standby, tourists stop by on the regular. And in a twist sure to please both contingents, it’s easy to claim even a ten-person table as a walk-in.

The scene: The restaurant is perhaps the only place in all of New York happily shared by outsiders and insiders. Midtown businessmen and beautiful Europeans keep the joint classy. The proximity of the 59th Street Apple store, however, also keeps things interesting with periodic batches of stray and hungry tourists.

The ingredient:The restaurant has the power to remind you why some of the most popular Italian-American favorites got that way. You forget how fresh vegetables can be until you eat the lunch menu’s tuna Cobb salad, and you forget the pleasure of linguine in white clam sauce until your first Bottega forkful. But even more, it’s known for, well, vino. You may never have forgotten the joy of Brunello, but that’s the other power of great food: Creating new memories for the future.

Antica Bottega del Vino, 7 E. 59th St., 212-223-2724, bottegadelvinonyc.com