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Luggage Lowdown
November 28, 2012
By , Corporate Development Editor and Associate Editor

From micro fiber to handmade leather, here are four luggage ideas that can keep pace with your pace. 

An Excuse to Travel: Valextra

Simple and always in style, Valextra produces leather goods handcrafted in Italy and built to travel the world. Since these logo-less bags are sleek without being snobby, so go for the whole set with the Valextra garment bag, trolley and leather holdall.

Built to Last: Louis Vuitton

Who doesn’t know the Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed luggage? There’s a reason that these suitcases have been around since the 1850s, and it’s not because the trunks were easy to carry. Luckily, the conveniences of LV have progressed with the times, and the Keepall Bandoulière is just the thing for any weekend get away.

In a League of Your Own: Serapian

Serapian's handmade bags are built to beat any other bag in customs. And lucky for you, the 22" Serapian pig skin trolley comes with a stain-proof ultra suede interior lining, something sure to come in hand in the case of any unwanted flight attendant jostling. 

Posh, but not Pushy: Goyard Porte

Designed in the 1800's, the understated elegance of the Goyard Porte Habits bags are durable, stylish and multifaceted. With a line-up of garment bags, trolly cases, and duffle bags, your whole family is set for any adventure. Purchase Goyard Porte at Bergorf Goodman, contact personal shopper Giselle Robles for details. 

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