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Easy Rider
October 24, 2012
By , Associate Editor

Just because you’re motoring cross-country doesn’t mean you have to be an easy rider, although we wouldn’t argue with dressing like one. Even the intercontinental set have to admit that there’s something too cool about that black leather jacket decked out with an American flag, though we don’t recommend wearing it out of the country. You may not have stars and stripes in your closet, but considering that it’s no longer 1969, we figure you can trade in headbands and suede fringe for green leather and black jeans.

If you’re still in an Easy Rider mood, check out the Vanson motorcycle jacket and Arai helmet. Or skip the gear completely and go straight for these sweet Rag & Bone boots. Whether you’re jumping on the back of a bike, or just dressing like it, we’ve got the threads to keep you looking hot as you cruise off into the sunset. 

Galavante Recommendations

The Helmet

Designer: Arai Helmets

Galavante Recommendations

The Serious Motorcycle Jacket

Designer: Vanson Leather

Galavante Recommendations

The Non-Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Designer: Acne

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The Knee High Moto-Boots

Designer: Rag & Bone
Rag & Bone

Galavante Recommendations

The Skinny

Designer: Blank