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Pre-Natal Spas NYC

The Top Pre-Natal Spa Treatments
September 17, 2014
By , Families Contributor

Feeling proud of your pregnant self after totally rocking that maternity body-con dress and stilettos for a hot night out on the town? You make being pregnant in heels look easy by night but by the next morning your feet are swollen, back is aching and the little bundle of joy inside of you kept you up all night with her own dance party. What to do?  Pamper yourself with the best solution: a prenatal spa day. A prenatal massage can be as important as taking your vitamin and eating and exercising for two, right? And a day at one of these spas is sure to melt away any memory of discomfort (and make the baby at ease, too).

Ultimate Luxury at the Mandarin Oriental

After your doorman asks if your due date is tomorrow and your neighbor asks if you are having twins, flee to a sanctuary up in the city’s skyline where a mix of Eastern influences and chic New York touches will make you forget any hostile, hormonal feelings.  In fact, you will soon plan your nursery décor to channel the spa. Get whisked away to the calming Oriental Tea Lounge to relax with a refreshing herbal infusion and soothing foot ritual before your treatment even begins. Those feet have been carrying some extra weight so it is well-deserved.

Don’t miss: The Nurture Program. It is comprised of four parts: New Life Maternity Massage, Nature’s Radiant Facial, and the grand finale is the indulgent Mandarin Oriental Manicure and Pedicure. When your program is complete, you will feel nurtured and just like new.

Details: New Life Maternity (80 minutes: $392.18/$410.85 and The Nurture Program (4 hours: $883.95/$927.53)* The spa changes prices based on the day of the week. During the spa weekdays (Monday through Wednesday) the prices resemble the first price listed, and during the spa weekend (Thursday through Sunday) the prices resemble the second price listed. Prices include both taxes and gratuity.

Bonus: The half-day programs allow guests full access and use of the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room, Experience Showers, Vitality Pools, Relaxation Room and Oriental Tea Lounge

Great Escape to the Great Jones Spa

Walk down a long flight of steps and be transported to a subterranean spa sanctuary. Change into your robes in the full-service ladies locker room, head down to the water lounge to settle into a chaise, and sit back listening to the falling waterfalls. Surrounded by the tropical-feeling spa greenery, dip your toes into one of the hot or cold pools, have a sip of decaf tea and lounge carefree as you will feel miles away from Manhattan and almost forget that you are expecting.

Don’t miss: The prenatal massage. Pregnancy is a time of extra stress on the body so let the therapist work her magic and feel the stress melt away into your massage table.

The details: 60 minutes: $145 or 90 minutes: $205

Bonus: treatment includes full use of the water facilities and you can linger late as they are open until 10:00 pm.


Pamper Your Pregnant Self at The Peninsula

A self-proclaimed urban oasis high above the bustle of Midtown Manhattan, the Peninsula Spa is your retreat from the demands of the city and your pregnancy. While you’re expecting, expect nothing but your highly coveted five (or many more) minute of peace as you soak in the first-rate facilities complete with private relaxation lounges, an Asian tea lounge and changing rooms with luxurious heat experiences (think an aromatherapy steam room, sauna, experience shower and ice fountain).

Don’t miss: Indulge in the Maternity Massage. You will start your treatment experience with a tea ceremony in the Asian Tea Lounge and once it has come to an end, stifle your tears and continue your peaceful journey back to the Asian Tea Lounge and relaxation rooms offering relaxation beds with individual music and lighting selections.

Details: 60 Minutes: $195; 90 Minutes: $295

Bonus: All day Spa guests who book a minimum of two hours of services receive full access to the glass-enclosed pool, wraparound sun terrace, fitness center and daily group fitness classes.


Play Your Trump Card at The Spa at Trump Soho

Trump SoHo is a fan favorite spot to indulge and be babied. Step into your robe, pass the sauna and extensive steam room, and head to the quiet relaxation lounge with a healing or calming tea in hand. Enjoy the sounds of dripping water and light spa music as you sink into a relaxation chair so cozy you won’t be able to get up because a) you won’t want to and 2) that baby bump makes it tricky. Wander outside and relax in a chaise and after you overheat and sweat within two minutes (don’t worry, everyone will say you are glowing) head to the chronographic showers for ultimate relaxation and wash all your cares away. As you head to your treatment room, admire from afar the city’s only luxury hammam and schedule it as a post-baby gift to yourself. 

Don’t miss: The Bundle of Baby Bliss at The Spa at Trump SoHo is perfect for the expectant mother in need of indulgence. The bundle offers you and your bundle a prenatal massage, crystal divine foot treatment and a classic manicure.

Details: 60 minutes: $320

Bonus: Moms-to-be are sent on their way with Tummy Rub Butter from the popular Mama Mio skincare line and a refreshing sample of Bump Water, a recently launched vitamin- and folic acid-enriched drink.


Medicinal Massage: Medical Massage Group

Step inside this tiny treasure allowing the aromas to immediately relax you, the earth tones and custom art to soothe you and then get excited all over again because this massage mecca is one of the rare gems where the expecting mama can lie on her tummy for her prenatal massage. The Medical Massage Group specializes in the treatment of pregnant women and you will fall head over heels for their custom-designed treatment table created just for you with a hole in the table to accommodate your tummy (and outfitted with gentle supports, of course). Plus, know you are in good hands. Owner Donna “gave birth” to the Medical Massage Group over twenty years ago after suffering from persistent pain during her pregnancy and not finding any professional to treat her pains. Thanks, Donna for solving our problems.

Don’t miss: The prenatal massage

Details: 60 minutes: $140

After a fabulous, feel-like-new spa day, get ready to put those heels back on and get out for another fun night on the town before your definition of an all-nighter changes with baby’s arrival.