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What To Do In Vienna

October 9, 2019
By , Associate Editor

Good For: Culture-loving singles, couples, and sophisticated families looking to soak in a beautifully historic city. Also, it’s the ultimate place for caffeine addicts. Vienna has arguably the best mélange in the world.

When to Go: All year round, but specifically during the winter months if you have an affinity for the Ball Season.

When you think of top European destinations, you think London or Paris – but you should also be thinking Vienna. It’s underrated, it’s under the radar, and there’s a reason for as to why it’s known as The Imperial City of Europe. Not only is it drenched in history (as the capital of Austria, located in the central-most part of the continent), it is also one of the politest, friendliest, and most sophisticated cities in Europe. It’s beautiful all year round, with its grand palaces, its horse-drawn carriages, and more culture than is conceivably possible. And, these people can waltz.
If there is one reason that overrides others when it comes to visiting Vienna in the middle of winter, it’s the white gloves, long dresses, and the grand palaces. In other words, it’s the Viennese balls. Ball Season is everything you could imagine, and more.
A Viennese Ball is a cultural and societal event with live classical and contemporary music, and classic evening attire. Many of the balls are organized by associations and professional guilds, such as those of doctors, lawyers, bankers, as well as hunters, and firemen. But the balls are open to the public, which is where we come in. Tickets range from student tickets, to adult flaneur tickets (admission to the venue), tickets for tables, and sometimes gala dinners. So, hone your waltz skills, find a dancing partner, and get acquainted with the list of best Viennese balls to attend. There’s plenty to choose from, and there’s room for everyone.

The Confectioner’s Ball (16th January 2020)

Held at Vienna’s Imperial Palace in Hofburg, guests dance past thousands of Viennese cakes, participate in confectionary raffles, competitions, and a showcasing baking station. Each year, Vienna’s Food Industry organization puts together the event with hundreds of bakers and confectioners for the annual Confectioner’s Ball. Tickets are on sale from October 2019, and start at €110.

Vienna Philharmonic Ball (23rd January 2020)
One of the most beloved classic balls by locals, the Vienna Philharmonic Ball is held in the Golden Hall, in the Vienna Musikverein, the world-famous location of the New Year’s Concert. Needless to say, the music is home-made by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and it’s truly one of the best in the world. Ticket prices start at €180, and go on sale from 13th January 2020.


Techniker Cercle (25th January 2020)

The Techniker Cercle (also known as the Ball Der Industrie und Technik), is a ball that’s tailored towards guests with technical and urban professions – although not exclusively reserved for them. It is run by the fundraising and networking association that is related to the Vienna Technical University. Also held at the Golden Hall, tickets start at €170 and go on sale two weeks prior to the start of the event.

The Ball of the Coffee-Brewers (14th February 2020)
The Kaffeesiederball (the Ball of the Coffee-Brewers), is held in the Imperial Palace of Vienna, in the Redouten Hall, and is known for not only its mesmerizing ballet performances, but also enchanting modern dance performances, which are a beautiful contrast to the traditionally-dressed audience. Tickets start at €150.

Vienna Opera Ball (20th February 2020)
Perhaps the most famous ball of them all, this is an event that stays on the radar for many world-class international socialites all year round. Since 1877, this is the one night when the Vienna State Opera transforms into a glamorous dance floor. Throughout the night, the ball features top sopranos and ballet dancers, music by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and appearances by every possible local and international businessperson and celebrity. Regular tickets start at €315, but can go up to €23,600 for double stage boxes and side boxes.


The Bonbon Ball (21st February 2020)

Held in the Vienna Konzerthaus, this is one of the top balls in the food category. All of Vienna’s best cakes and sweets are gathered under one roof – the combination of which hovers around three tonnes. Many of the confectionaries can be won as raffle prizes, and one of the highlights of the event is the annual election of Miss Bonbon. Tickets start at €110, and are on sale from October 2019.

Rudolfina Redoute (24th February 2020)
A masked ball held in the Imperial Palace, this is another of Vienna’s most beloved balls. Ladies are required to wear masks that cover their eyes until midnight (in reference to Strauss’ Operetta Die Fledermaus), after which the masks can come off on the dancefloor. Tickets start at €100, and are on sale from October 2019.

Hofburg Silverster Ball (31st December 2019)
Held at the Imperial Palace in Hofburg, this is the new traditional New Year’s Eve ball that now replaces the slightly outdated Kaiserball, which was visited every year by countless tourists and elites. The Silversterball has abandoned the Viennese folklore in favor of classics, jazz, and a gala dinner. Tickets start at €165 for entrance and champagne, and €720 for the entrance and the gala dinner.