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Phillipines: Amanpulo
December 21, 2018
By , Contributor

If you ever find yourself stranded on a desert island and you’re granted three wishes, make them this: “I wish this were Amanpulo; I wish I had an ice-cold cocktail in my hand; and I wish I never had to leave.” That’s everything you need in life, really.

But let’s get real and take away the wishing. Let’s say you were just stranded on Pamalican Island with no food or shelter—like Tom Hanks in Castaway. This would still be the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen, and you’d still never want to leave. It’s like a tropical Garden of Eden—only instead of apples that you aren’t allowed to eat, you have fresh lobster and crab that you simply must try. But the one quality that truly makes it a paradise on earth is the colors.

Amanpulo is fifty shades of turquoise. As you look out at the horizon, you can’t really be sure where the sea ends and the sky begins. Staying here is like seeing life in HD for the first time—but be warned: once your eyes have gotten a taste, it’s hard to go back. You have the crystal blues of the sea, the powdery white of the sand, and everything else on the spectrum of living in the coral reefs. And the absolute best part is that this resort isn’t just for looking at—it wants you to get interactive.

No matter what type of activities you’re into, Amanpulo needs to be on your bucket list (if it isn’t already). The scuba diving is top notch, with over seven square kilometers of coral reef; the climate is perfect for sailing or wind surfing; and if laying on the beach were an Olympic sport, the competition would be held here every year. Plus, the sand is so soft that you can leave your sandals at home. Just make sure you get a pre-trip pedicure in case you run into the likes of Tom Cruise, Robert DeNiro, or Mariah Carey—yup, they’ve all passed plenty of vacation time here, so you’re in good company.

And what is a fun-loving adventurer to do when at the end of a long day? Hit the spa, of course. Set on a hill top, the wellness center is the perfect place to rejuvenate your body and spirit. You can hit daily yoga and mediation sessions, but you really want to try the Hilot massage: this is a traditional healing practice that uses hot and cold to completely remove all the tension you’ve been storing up. Plus, they use only natural and local products. If you’ve only ever used packaged, bottled, and exported coconut oil, it’s time to try the real deal.

Staying at Amanpulo is truly an experience that’s hard to beat, and with their famous customer service, it is the highest form of pampering for the soul. So what are you waiting for? Your wish is their command.