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Ecce Navigo Yacht

Ecce Navigo – Tailored for You
July 31, 2013
By , Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Everyone’s heard of Van Halen’s brown M&M clause. And, more recently, there’s Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s white-whiskered companion, with her private chauffeur and paté served exclusively on Goyard dishes. It all sounds a little high maintenance, but you get it. Sometimes you just like things your way. It takes only one Thom Browne sleeve hemmed an eighth of an inch too short to discover your standards for precision. (We’ll stop there. It’s too soon.)

In any case, we’ve found something you’re sure to enjoy: the just-launched Tailored Retreats, a series of customized cruises aboard Ecce Navigo, a 111-foot, five-cabin luxury wooden yacht. Here, you can custom design your own Mediterranean journey – from bow to stern – along Turkey’s Lycian coast and select destinations in Greece.

Good For: Groups of friends, family (including children), and work colleagues who you really, really like.

The Highlights:

  • Getting a taste of the luxurious life of yacht travel, while feeling right at home, pretense not included, with one of the best crews sailing the Turkish and Greek Rivieras. Be forewarned; the Ecce Navigo is your gateway drug to yachting.      
  • Morning yoga followed by a massage while on the sea.
  • Dropping into beach restaurants by day, which turn into some of the best clubs by night. There’s something about needing to access a club by yacht that becomes the natural velvet rope.
  • Dining on the finest cuisine of any yacht charter in the Mediterranean – the Ecce Navigo has, hands down, the most exquisite food of any boat charter.  

Recommended Stay: The minimal rental period is generally one week.  If you stay at the Aman Resort in Amanruya, the Ecce Navigo is their hotel boat, chartered for day trips when available.

You're on a Boat

Now, you might be wondering why cruising around in a 111-foot, five-cabin yacht, retrofitted by a wealthy Swiss businessman, would appeal to you. If you say that aloud, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. The Ecce Navigo is one of the best yachts available for accessible charter in the Lycian Sea and Greece, appealing to everyone from novice boaters (including if you have a fear of seasickness – the boat is as stable as they come) to those who know their way around a boat. With en suite bathrooms in each cabin, and plenty of group rooms to congregate or hide away with your latest mind-candy magazine, this is what it means to be on a yacht.  By the way, it’s OK to call it a boat. No one who yachts actually calls it a yacht. 

For your week, you are in charge, dictating which island off in the distance you’d like to explore, and how long you’ll be lingering over rosé for lunch. Ecce Navigo’s Tailored Retreats mean exactly that. You can custom design your own Mediterranean journey – from soup to nuts, or bow to stern, as it may be – aboard the luxury wooden sailboat. As for the food: the onboard chef turns out miracles from the galley kitchen. Plan to eat and drink to your heart’s content, with specialties like Greek salad, traditional borek to melt in your mouth, and Mediterranean grilled fish, which if you’re lucky will have just been hauled in from the sea. The presentation is equally gorgeous – so kick back and enjoy one of those “life is beyond good” moments. Should you decide to give the staff a meal off, there are plenty of restaurants, open only to those who can arrive by boat. Top favorite stops include Gobun Kapi, a simple, classic fish restaurant on the sea near Gocek, with a dish of crab served on a warm stone, and Osman, set in a private bay near Fethiye where crayfish and organic foods rule.

Your Lavish Wish is Their Command

In addition to the always-on-offer private charters, Ecce Navigo is getting creative with new themes like Corporate Escape (like we said, only recommended for colleagues you really, really like), Family Holiday (believe it or not, the boat is great for children), and Yoga and Massage, where you can de-stress with an on-board yoga instructor and former Claridge’s masseuse. Rest assured that your preferences for medium pressure and peppermint over lavender will prevail without prompting.

To step it up a notch, the Ecce Navigo crew can have your seaplane pull up alongside the boat to take you to Ephesus or Capadocia for the day, and then drop you off in time to hit the clubs. Prefer to chopper around for the afternoon? Pamukkale and the Valley of the Fairy Chimneys are just a few of the destinations you can explore. Plus, you can also order a diving boat for hardcore dives, or arrange for cultural day trips with private drivers. You know – the basic activities for those with access to a yacht. No matter what adventure you choose, you can rest easy that it’ll be smooth sailing. Just the way you like it.