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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – NYC Ditch Day
April 17, 2013
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

We galavante around the world, but there is no place like Galavante’s home, New York City. This is obviously one of the greatest cities on earth, and hence the 50 million tourists it draws each year. But while you have the luxury of living here, the slow walkers probably take more advantage of all on offer in the span of a week than you do in a year. Why? Because there’s always tomorrow. Well, that’s about to change, friends. To inspire you, we’re featuring a seasonal, pitch-perfect NYC ditch day, Ferris Bueller-style. There are some days when you’re just not meant to go to work. Call it a sick day or a personal day, but something from deep within summons you to forgo the office for a few meaningful daylight hours to have fun and get into trouble. So send your calls straight to voicemail, hit snooze, and continue reading this when you wake up again.

This spring on Galavante’s NYC section, we’ve got the top spots to lunch like Abe Froman, check out art, spa to nirvana, and cocktail in the afternoon.This is a definitive guide to the activities you must check off your NYC list, and preferably not on the weekend. And let’s hope your boss isn’t as determined as Principal Rooney to prove your absence is just a ruse.

Downtown Ditch Day

Morning Workout: Soul Cycle, Tribeca. Never have time to work out? Well, today there’s no excuse. Kick off your day with a Soul Cycle spin, at the indulgent hour of 10:30am. It’s a whole different level of people who have the luxury of a mid-morning workout, and yes, their derrieres look much better than yours. The good news is that a Soul Cycle spin preps you for all the eating, drinking, and spa-ing to come.
103 Warren St., soul-cycle.com

Late-Morning Coffee: Café Gitane, Nolita. Order a leisurely cappuccino or mint tea, and take in the late-morning scene as Nolita just begins to wake up around 11:30. Don’t let the remarkable number of gorgeous brunchers who apparently don’t have to work for a living throw you off. Because if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.
242 Mott St., cafegitanenyc.com

The Long Lunch: Bouley, Tribeca. While Gordon Gekko may think lunch is for wimps, a ditch day from work warrants a leisurely one. Plus a Manhattan or martini worthy of Don Draper to start out your meal. Luckily, at Bouley you don’t have to be Abe Froman to indulge in the five-course menu, for the deal of the day at $55. From a starter like a blini of Scottish smoked salmon
 with white truffle honey to a finish of chocolate soufflé, a meal like this reminds you why you work so hard.
163 Duane St., davidbouley.com

Afternoon Spa Day: Greenwich Hotel Shibui Spa, Tribeca. There’s nothing like being in a hotel that makes you feel like you’re on vacation. The Greenwich Hotel is one of the most serene experiences in the city, with the Shibui Spa that defines Japanese zen. Non-hotel guests get equal treatment, and have access to the lantern-lit swimming pool, which has been re-built to the specs of a 250-year-old farmhouse. A few hours here and you’ll feel like you’ve been on a week’s vacation.
377 Greenwich St., thegreenwichhotel.com

Afternoon Drinks: Locande Verde, Tribeca. This is one of the few times of day that there’s relative peace in the normally buzzy Locande Verde, also located in the Greenwich Hotel. You’ll barely know your own name after your treatments at the Shibui Spa, so have the sommelier order up something from Tuscany. Brunello, anyone?
377 Greenwich St., locandaverdenyc.com

Gallery-Hopping: Not that we’re encouraging you to drink and shop, but Tribeca is home to some of the most prestigious modern art galleries in the city.

Wine-Buying: New York Vintners, Tribeca. If you haven’t blown your budget on the latest Chinese modern art, or even if you have, nothing says shopping spree like wine-buying at the end of the day. Head over to New York Vintners, a wine emporium with some of the best vintages in the city as well as wine classes. Stock up on Bordeaux, and if you’re lucky, they’ll be offering samples of the good stuff. Cheers.
21 Warren St., newyorkvintners.com