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Amalfi Coast Vacation

Amalfi Coast - Positano Americano
June 22, 2011
By , Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Positano is what legends are made of on the Amalfi Coast. With lemons as big as your head and the smell of lilacs the air, the wine isn’t the only thing that will have you intoxicated.

Quite discovered, it’s still an unmissible stop on your Amalfi adventure.  This picture perfect town has some of the most unforgettable hotels in the world. They are so exceptional, the hotels here will make your stay in Positano.  While there are good restaurants and vacation town shopping, where you choose to lay your head is a major part of your experience for stays in this touristy town.

At the Il San Pietro, you’ll spend lazy days on their private boat, exploring hidden coves for daytime swims.  Located outside of the center of town, the San Pietro has the only private beach in all of Positano.  And privacy is what you get where you will be inspired to have that illicit interlude.  Built into the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, every single room in this hotel has the stunning Amalfi sea view, which will be forever etched into your mind. 

Everyday, the private boat, which is complimentary to hotel guests, takes you on excursions to swim in hidden coves in the warm Mediterranean waters, and sun on the deck feeling pure Hollywood.  Guests are known to spend weeks here, never leaving the property.  Who can blame them, when the simplest Positano tomato sauce on gorgeous artisanal or fresh pasta is pure happiness.  The scene at night on the terrace overlooking the sea and small town of Praino is so beautiful, you will savor every moment of feeling so alive.  The San Pietro is a destination, which just happens to be in Positano. 

For those who want to be in the center of all the action, it doesn’t get any better than Le Sirenuse.  Le Sirenuse is your seductive siren, where major romance, not your client meetings, will be the only thing calling you.  Le Sirenuse doesn’t feel like a hotel at all, but rather a very wealthy and welcoming friend’s private home.  Family-run, this is one place that could teach the big hotels about creating a gorgeous experience.  As you walk through the doors you are immediately on sensory overload.  You will be overtaken by the smell of lilacs, lemons and fresh Mediterranean Sea air, and enveloped in sunlight from the stunning view of Positano. Just when you think it can’t get better, you will stumble upon their new Champagne Bar, and settle onto the terrace to take in another life is just way too good to me moment. 

The rooms at Le Sirenuse are unrivaled – all with gorgeous bathrooms and generously sized rooms, and for those lucky, a terrace that will overlook the best view of Positano.  You may be generally unimpressed with the hotel toiletries, but the exception are the products made exclusively for the Sirenuse.  Their toiletries have achieved the impossible, by bottling the scent of the Amalfi.  You’ll be stocking your suitcase with these products, no question. 

The swimming pool at the Sirenuse may not be Olympic size, but once again it’s set amidst the backdrop of the best view of all of Positano.  This is a worthwhile late afternoon during your Positano adventure. Definitely count on spending some quality time at your hotel for your weekend in Positano.

For your first day, the breakfast for champions is more than a bowl of Wheaties at the Sirenuse.  This is one of the best breakfast spreads you’ll ever experience, with fresh ricotta and mozzarella, an array of prepared savory and sweet salads and what seems like endless fresh fruit and pastries.  This will keep you fueled, for the relaxing boat excursion, complimentary of course, that you can arrange with the hotel.  A half-day boating, along with lunch on the boat, is one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have in this picturesque town. 

For late afternoon, join the crowds for prime people watching at Le Tre Sorelle, which is also a later evening spot to grab drinks.  The most memorable dinners in Positano are at the Sireneuse and the Il San Pietro, where you will want to make sure you book your ressie during season.  The dinner at the Sirenuse is over the top on creating the romance factor, where you will be serenaded by the quartet.  The food though is top notch, where you’ll want to partake in all the fresh pasta and fresh fish specials of the day.  The San Pietro, which is more out of the way and therefore less touristy, serves up candlelight dinners of simple yet so very elegant local dishes. 

After dinner, nightlife is a little sleepy in this town, but drinks at Le Tre Sorelle or the garden of the Palazzo Murat, where as you walk under the trellis of lilacs you may feel the same effects of the  beverages you’ll consume.  The scene is perfectly set for early to bed, and late to rise. 

For your last day in Positano, embark on an adventure of one of the most picturesque hikes you’ll ever experience.  Stop for supplies for your picnic lunch at Delikatessin, which in this case will be gourmet food and wine.   Walk along the Path of Gods, the reason for which it is called so completely evident as you take in the scene that literally takes your breath away.  As you ascend the hills of Positano, sometimes through challenging terrain, you will climb towards the endless blue sky.  There are some treacherous heights here, so bring a walking stick.  It’s well worth it though, as it’s from here you’ll feel like you actually may be in heaven.   Your reward after this challenging hike is the most beautiful view of Capri, that you could only get otherwise if you are in a helicopter.  This is easily one of the most beautiful picnic lunches you’ll ever have. 

Positano is a vacation shopping town, where it’s more about souvenirs and buying local labels.  It’s not the best place for pottery, but sells the better goods if this is your only option and you can’t get to Ravello.  The fashions are not haute couture, with the exception of Anna’s which stocks the latest Prada, Pepitos and Carro, which have the usual suspects of high-end labels as well.  For Positano wear, head to Mastros for light cotton pieces, Louise – Lily Putlizer of Positano, Datillo Gianluca – the best shoemaker to buy those very cool handmade Amalfi sandals.  For small souvenirs, head back to the first floor of Delikatessin, for hand painted ceramic kitchen tools and ceramic tiles. 

If you don’t do dinner at either the Sirenuse or Il San Pietro, Il Bacco is the best local Italian option, and perfect situated on the water to take in the scene.  You can also head over to Max, for home cooking and if there is such thing as a local scene, this is it. Note in August Max will be over-run, like the rest of the Amalfi, with New Yorkers.  On your way out of this picturesque town, stop at the charming farm side stands for lemons as big as your head, and tomatoes you did not know existed.  While eating your Italian ice from lemons beyond sweet, two days in Positano is exactly that.