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The Brando - A New Top of the Bucket List
June 15, 2017

The Hotel:  The Brando, Tetiaroa in French Polynesia

Who: Barack and Michelle Obama, Oprah, Leonardo di Caprio, Pippa Middleton and Barbara Streisand. Essentially if you're a meaningful public figure or celebrity, The Brando is on your list.  Former President Obama is said to have written part of his memoires on the isle (for which he purportedly scored a cool $60 mil) and Pippa Matthews (Nee Middleton) honeymooned with her husband recently after their much-covered nuptials.   Not to mention there is a reason it’s called The Brando.  Famed actor and icon Marlon Brando purchased the isle with the vision of creating a paradise resort.  While he didn’t  live to see its completion, it’s safe to say, mission accomplished. 

Why: The Brando defines #goals.  It's a Tahitian private island with white sand beaches, a turquoise lagoon where you can get a serious stand up paddle session in and waterfront villas that make you feel like you're stranded (luxuriously) on a deserted isle.  The added bonus is the resort is eco-friendly; it’s almost 100% sustainable with a neutral carbon footprint.  No wonder Leo is a big fan. 

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