• Tuesday, October 27, 2020

private ski resorts

The Most Exclusive Ski Resort in the World
April 17, 2020

The Property:  The Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Montana 

Who:  Bill and Melinda Gates, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady and  Google Founder Eric Schmidt, to name a few.  Plus a whole host of private people who make sure you can’t find one bit of information on them on Mr. Schmidt’s search platform.  

Why:  It’s often the most unassuming, low-key and gracious person at the dinner table, who is the most successful.  That pretty sums up Yellowstone Club, whose membership  is made up of the real hitters who have made it in life.  They come to this remote 15,200 acre piece of God’s country at the base of the Rockies in Montana  with their families to just be normal. Or as normal as an average billionaire can be in homes that range from around $4 mil to $40 mil.  Skiing is some of the best in the country, for those who can fork over the $400k initiation fee and around $42k annual dues.   As the only private residential ski mountain and golf course in the United States, and the world, everything here is done behind closed doors, and away from the paparazzi.  They couldn’t get in anyway, as the security is run by former secret service officers.