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Most Luxurious Safari Africa

Amal & George Clooney - Mwiba Lodge
January 21, 2016

The Hotel:  Mwiba Lodge, Tanzania

Who:  The mystery is solved; the exquisite Mwiba Lodge is where George Clooney locked it down with then-girlfriend Amal Alamuddin.  After all, nothing says I love you more than an extravagant African safari.  This is where the top of the food chain discreetly vacations, from Jeff Bezos of Amazon to many more of the highly affluent who come here because they don’t name names. 

Why: The Serengeti is the heart of Africa, and Mwiba is located on its own 51,000-acre wildlife reserve, bordering the Ngorongoro Crater region.  With only 8-tented suites, this is as private and exclusive as it gets.  Describing the rooms as luxurious is just about the understatement of the year; deep soaking tubs overlooking the Serengeti, netted canopied beds and white slip-covered couches you just sink into, make the room an experience in itself.  The service is impeccable, and the common areas of the main lodge with the dining area and lounge are a stunner.  Forget Out of Africa; Mwiba inspires you to want to return again to this beautiful land. 

The Inside Scoop:  The ultimate itinerary is to start at Legendary Lodge in Arusha, after you fly into Kilimanjaro from your international destination.  Spend 2 nights in Arusha at the most unexpectedly pleasant of lodges, where you can get a taste of Kilimanjaro for a day hike with Thomson Safaris and negotiate for handmade crafts at the Massai markets in town.  From Arusha, head to the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge for 2-3 nights, to take in the wildlife on the site of a mountain that was once greater than Kilimanjaro, several million years ago.  From Crater Lodge, drive 3 hours to end your safari at Mwiba.   


To Book:  Email us at travel@galavante.com.  We will beyond hook you up.  More information on Legendary Lodge in Arusha and Mwiba at http://www.legendaryexpeditions.com