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Art of the Opening

Robin Rice Gallery

Love Affair
January 5, 2013
By , NYC Contributor

The place: Robin Rice Gallery

The space: There’s an inviting warmth, beyond the sunlight pouring through the segmented front window, that fills this rectangular space in the West Village. Inside, sit on the schoolyard bench to take in the fine-art photography, often by artists who aren’t household names – yet. Exhibitions cycle every six weeks.

The artist: Born of a love affair, the collaboration between Mark and Kristen Sink has led to this second photography exhibition at Robin Rice Gallery. Mark has been exhibiting photography since 1978, while Kristen, a graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, brings a seductive femininity and defined composition to their joint work. With their illustrious backgrounds, the Sinks have long traveled in artistic circles, with friends like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and René Ricard.

The show: When art was nouveau, its models often found themselves in the sorts of photos at this exhibition. Part seduction, part myth, and always botanical, this exhibit increases the mood with method – as in, old old-school tintypes. Made from aluminum coated with collodion, the effect unearths a nakedness that goes deeper than the exposed figures. Just linger a moment on “Jillian and Flowers,” a topless woman growing out of a bush of roses. You’ll see it.

325 West 11th St., 212-366-6660, robinricegallery.com

(Photo courtesy of Robin Rice Gallery)