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Known as the Caribbean’s Spice Island, Grenada has a unique culture that’s a draw all its own. We have to admit, though, with the arrival of Silversands a few years ago, this destination really caught our eye. It’s a modern architectural feat of high design, and a photo of the alone pool makes you want to be there. This is the luxury hotel in Grenada. Here’s our review of Silversands.

The Hotel

Not that Grenada wasn’t on the list, (every country is) but when Silversands arrived, it jumped up a lot closer to the top.  It’s really the only true luxury hotel in Grenada.  Built by Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris, this $125 million project on the most beautiful beach in Grenada may be a sign of things to come for the country.  Silversands is the flagship property, and part of Sawiris’s initiative to invest $300 mil plus into the development of the marina, restaurants and additional hotels. The arrival of this luxury hotel in Grenada is definitely a sign of things to come.

Some say that Grenada may be the next St. Barths.  After spending time on isle, it sure is beautiful enough.  Unlike St. Barths though, there is a native local population that adds a special element of culture.  We hope this never changes, but with virtually no crime (it’s an offense to even swear in front of a police officer) and a genuine warmness to foreigners, Grenada is still unspoiled.  So while there’s now a luxury hotel in Grenada, our fingers are crossed that authenticity remains.

But back to the hotel, which is not your typical resort that wants to keep you on property 24/7.  The hotel was built with the premise to serve as a base to explore Grenada.  You know, see the world.  It will be hard though, the first two days, to leave.  Or stop taking pictures at the infinity pool, which has the distinction as the largest in the Caribbean.  Overall, they got it right at Silversands.  Best location on isle, stunning modern architecture, vibey music that elevates the cool quotient and that show-stopping infinity pool.  While there is a Relais & Chateau on isle, Silversands is the luxury hotel in Grenada.

The Rooms

This is a St. Barths-level quality hotel.  Rooms are stunners – super chic, clean, modern and stunning views.  Even the basic rooms are ample to be comfortable, whether you’re on your patio or balcony.  The best room in the house is room 121, which has a corner balcony to take in sunset.

We like the technology of the rooms, where you could unlock your room and operate all the lights, blackout shades and curtains by app.

Baths are super generous in size and the soaking tub on the higher floors has those sunset beach views.  Whoever trained housekeeping did it right as rooms are immaculate.

The Service

The Grenadians are kind by nature, and Silversands polishes that to a 5 star-level of hotel service.  This isn’t St. Barths where everyone is French and went to hotel school though.  It’s more of an authentic Caribbean approach which is the beauty of what separates Grenada from St. Barths.


The Food

We’re going to short cut this; you will have the best Thai food of your life.  Multiples better than anything we’ve had in Thailand.  The Thai menu is currently served out of the fine dining restaurant, every other night due to COVID.  (Yes, that’s still going on in the world).  We ordered as much as we could possibly eat off the menu, and they encouraged you to take home

The rest of the food is fair to characterize as the top of the island.  Yes you’ll want to head to BBs for a bare bones local food experience, and Aquarium (see below) but the food here is next level.  They have some heavies who joined recently, including an Aman alum, if that gives you an idea of the quality of the hotel. The food doesn’t perform for you by smoking and combusting, but it is clean and healthy Caribbean fare.  Even the conch fritters don’t make you feel like you’ve over-indulged too much.

Silversands Grenada


Now is the time to go to Grenada – if you book directly at the hotel, you get a 40% off room discount.  Check out our article here.  

As of print, there was a 2 day quarantine on arrival and proof of negative COVID test for vaccinated individuals.  Otherwise, it’s a 7-day quarantine.  When you arrive on isle, you’re swabbed, so opt for the VIP arrival to bypass the long intake process.  From the foot of the plane you’ll be golf carted to a separate terminal and within 5 minutes, COVID tested and on your way.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be picked up in one of the Silversands house Teslas.

Sundays are for Aquarium, where the locals converge for music and BBQ.  Book a table by 1pm and plan to spend the day dancing, noshing and drinking.  It’s a fun scene.

The one downside is the noise insulation if you’re connecting to another room.  You can hear a little too much from your neighbors.  If you’re not taking the connecting room, then request a room that’s stand alone.

As mentioned above, service is warm, friendly and genuine.  There are those that are accustomed to ringing your bell and to have droves of people come running. This is a luxury hotel in Grenada, but not with the classically trained imported team.


Q: Does Silversands have Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, the hotel provides its guests with free Wi-Fi.

Q: When are the check-in and check-out times at Silversands? 

A: Check-in is at 3p.m., and check-out is at noon.

Q: Is Silversands near an airport? 

A: Yes, the hotel is 6 km (3.7 miles) from Maurice Bishop International Airport.

Q: How late is room service available?

A: Silversands offers 24 hour room service.

Silversands Grenada Information

Address: Grand Anse Main Rd, St George’s, Grenada

Phone number:   8335943230


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