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Top 10 Amalfi Coast Hotels

Michaela Atiae, Staff Writer

Hotel La Palma Capri Dining Room Amalfi Coast

There’s a reason why people who can travel anywhere in the world have the Amalfi Coast on their annual go-to list. That reason, of course, is crystal clear the moment you arrive: the Amalfi Coast is a stunner. And by that, we mean this part of the world is like that Super Model BFF of yours who looks good from every angle, in every light, and even dressed in a brown paper bag. There are just some people, and in this case, places, that are indisputably beautiful. So, this is your wish list of the best hotels in the Amalfi Coast, where you too, can become a regular.

The Hotel: Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast

Location: Ravello

Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast. Courtesy of Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast on Facebook.

We have two words for you: infinity pool. In fact, it’s the pool and view that are the mic drop, that make the Caruso one of the best hotels in the Amalfi. Past the lemon groves and atop the highest hill over Ravello is the dreamy
Caruso, A Belmond Hotel among other Amalfi Coast Hotels. The 11th-century hotel is a 50-room palace that embodies the feeling of a romantic Euro summer.

Perched on the top of the hill of Ravello, the views from the Caruso will inspire you to zone out for awhile and soak it all in. While not on the beach, they also have a beach club for soaking up sun rays down by Mediterranean waters, 

The upscale Italian countryside stay will keep you entertained. Some perks include a garden massage, open-air gym session, complimentary boat ride, or pasta-making class. No one does food justice like a local chef and Caruso has native Chef Armando Aristarco.

The Hotel: Palazzo Avino

Location: Ravello

Palazzo Avino. Courtesy of Paloazzo Avino on Facebook.


The Palazzo Avino is a family-run hotel led by the stylish Avino sisters. They are renowned to have some of the best service in the Amalfi Coast, as well as in the world. In fact, we would say that it’s the service that brings people back year after year. On decor, somehow Palazzo Avino makes medieval look chic, with exaggerated archways and cave nooks met with a soft feminine touch. What was once a 12th-century villa for a noble family is now a 5-star hotel with ocean blues and sandy browns to match their sea theme.

The food is also a star at Palazzo Avino. Rossellini is a Michelin-starred restaurant within the hotel serving authentic Italian. If you’re lucky enough to book a seat at the Chef’s Table you will partake in the ancient Neapolitan game, La Tombola (culinary bingo). At the Lobster & Martini Bar, you can enjoy fresh seafood and pair it with your choice of 100 unique martinis on the menu.

The Hotel: Le Sirenuse Positano

Location: Positano 


Le Sirenuse. Courtesy of Le Sirenuse on Facebook.


Le Sirenuse Positano is where you go if you want the relaxation of the seaside with views for days in the heart of the bustling town of Positano. Le Sirens started as a family retreat. Three generations of the Sersale family who own the hotel retreated to the coastline to escape the busy Naples streets. Today, it’s one of the best hotels in the Amalfi. Every room is uniquely curated with 17th and 18th-century Neapolitan and Southern Italian antiques. 

There are two distinguishing elements of Le Sirenuse; the first is the scent of the hotel. When you walk into the lobby you will never forget the smell that will forever be ingrained in your mind as Amalfi. It’s this unique scent of tart lemon that is so signature to Le Sirenuse, they actually sell it in their shop.

The second super power that makes Le Sirenuse one of the best hotels in the Amalfi is their food. No matter where you stay, you cannot miss a dinner at their restaurant. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a breakfast, as it’s one of the best in the world. There are two restaurants and two bars, with vines scaling the walls inside and lemon trees surrounding the pool. 

The Hotel: Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

Location: Conca dei Marini


As the name suggests Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa was once a Dominican monastery from the 17th Century. The 20 rooms originally housing nuns transformed into luxury accommodations. Lounge amongst the four levels of cascading garden walkways and explore the Italian florals. You can also go for a swim in the infinity pool at the base of the gardens for breathtaking views. As for the inside, your room is named after the herbs and plants of the gardens of centuries past. The food at their Michelin-starred restaurant boasts fresh ingredients and their world-renowned spa is a labyrinth of historical archways and vaulted ceilings accompanied by luxury treatments.

The Hotel: Hotel La Palma 

Location: Capri

Bianca rooftop restuarant and bar at Hotel La Palma Capri. Courtesy of Hotel La Palma Capri on Facebook.


Once known as Locanda Pagano, Hotel La Palma has not lost its charm. But with the Oetker Collection coming in, it’s firmly established itself as one of the best hotels in the Amalfi Coast. All due respect, it’s hands down the best hotel in Capri, bringing a real luxury option to the island. There is an understated beauty in the clean crisp whites and muted green throughout the minimalistic space.  If you’re a creative person, the original hotel was once considered the ‘artists’ hotel with guests ranging from architects to musicians gracing the villa. The best part is Da Gioia by La Palma, an exclusive social beach club with fresh catches by day and getting the party started at night. Gennaro’s, their classic Italian restaurant that has an air of warmth and ease.

The Hotel: JK Place

Location: Capri

As many waterfront hotels do, JK Place takes inspiration from the sea. While still extravagant, JK Place is one of the best hotels in the Amalfi Coast for its chic design that’s a bit more low-key with a residential summer getaway feel. Soft yellows and blues can be found in the tasteful suites and exaggerated canopy beds are surrounded by flowy fabric to match the drapes. At JK Place, you feel more like a guest in your stylish friend’s home than you do feel like you’re in a hotel. Except unless your friend has stunning views and mad skills in the kitchen, at JK you dine on gourmet Italian food with gorgeous views.

The Hotel: Il San Pietro

Location: Positano


Zass Restaurant at Il San Pietro di Positano. Courtesy of Il San Pietro di Positano on Facebook.


Il San Pietro is eccentric cool in the best way. The rooms are filled with character from polka dot ceramic floors to striped cushions, this hotel is not afraid of a bold print. Oversized lighting fixtures and pattern mixing make for a unique aesthetic and set it apart from the more conventional hotel bedroom.

This colorful approach can be found in other elements of the hotel as well like restaurant plating. The Michelin-starred restaurant Zass and the more informal eatery Carlino are run by a kitchen of 32 cooks. The sustainable kitchen does not mess around; everything is homemade and organic waste is utilized in the 10 leveled gardens. So try out their world-ranking tennis courts, and pick on the fresh produce along the way, it’s encouraged.

The Hotel: Villa Treville

Location: Positano


Villa Treville Positano. Courtesy of Villa Treville Positano.


This accommodation is one of the most exclusive, with star-studded guests over the years and seclusion from the rest of Positano’s visitors. Villa Treville will make you feel like Positano is all yours. Former owner Franco Zeffirelli is a well-known opera and film director and the property’s reputation for housing artists doesn’t end there with guests like Coco Chanel, Liza Minnelli, and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Theatrics are fittingly at the center of each room, all unique and sporting vibrant colors and interesting architectural shapes. The Villas rooms closely resemble that of a Wes Anderson set, a photo-worthy spot for your most aesthetically inclined friends. As for the restaurant and bar, Moroccan influence is quite evident. Use the property’s private yacht for a boat ride to the private beach. In the 12 levels, five villa property privacy is the true specialty here with private gardens, plunge pools, and terraces in abundance.

The Hotel: Casa Angelina 

Location: Praiano


Casa Angelina. Courtesy of Casa Angelina on Facebook.


This is one of the best hotels in the Amalfi Coast that is a relative insider secret. Casa Angelina is hyper-minimalist with a white-on-white concept. From the walls to the sheets and lounge spaces, the focus is the beauty of the surrounding views. The barefoot luxury approach is seen in the simple design features, organic produce, and sustainable zero-waste practices. The 37 rooms feature Apple products, walk-in closets, and oversized bathrooms.

However, besides the design, what captures guests is the culinary experience. From seafood to traditional pasta, the organic sustainable kitchen at Un Piano Nel Cielo Restaurant was awarded a Michelin star this year. With a glass lift to its terrace, a multi-course tasting menu, and sommeliers ready to be of service. You can even take the exceptional culinary service out to sea.

The Hotel: Excelsior Vittoria 

Location: Sorrento

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Sorrento. Courtesy of Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Sorrento on Facebook.

Notably the Excelsior is one of the oldest family-run hotels in the world. Celebrating 190 years, the first grand hotel in Sorrento is owned by the influential Fiorentino family. The difference that a family-owned hotel shows through from the moment you arrive. Their passion for hospitality is what makes this one of the best hotels in the Amalfi Coast.

The Excelsior Vittoria Hotel is indeed grand with chandeliers, a soft elegance, wall paintings, and oversized beds. The Suites One of a Kind have an old vintage regalness matching the interiors of historical villas of the past. So you can reenact the lifestyle of a wealthy nobleman in a room fit for a queen. Tasting menus of up to 11 courses with curated wine pairings at Michelin-starred Terrazza Bosquet give off nobel vibes. If you want something more casual L’Orangerie serves wood oven pizza. 

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