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Travis Kelce

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Travis Kelce

We’ve got to give it to Trav (as his girlfriend calls him). He’s dating a woman whose fans registered as an earthquake at her Seattle concert, and he’s not backing away from it. In fact, he’s leaning way in, and already making travel plans this summer in France and Italy. We are sure wherever Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift vacation will make global headlines. So wherever they go, it needs to be special and private. This is where Travis needs to take Taylor to seal the deal.

The Hotel: Splendido, a Belmond Hotel 

Location: Portofino, Italy

Hotel Splendido in Portofino should be where Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift vacation because this is possibly the most romantic hotel in the world. Though now a 70-suite hotel, the building was once a monastery and boasts winding cobblestone walkways flanked by wisteria and juniper bushes. Travis and Taylor could spend their mornings lazily on the terra cotta terraces that overlook the ocean. If they decide to leave their rooms, there are two bars and a small restaurant with delicious locally caught seafood. They can also relax in the epic infinity pool with quite possibly the best view of the Italian Mediterranean.  Or keep up with their training schedules in the gym or on the tennis courts. The vibe gives Taylor’s iconic Romeo and Juliet music video, and we think Trav should play up the nostalgia.

The Hotel: Hotel du Cap

Location: Antibes

Hotel du Cap should be where Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift vacation because it is arguably the greatest hotel in the world. The tree-lined walkway tells a story of grandeur, as it has been graced with a century of important guests. The Hotel du Cap is the kind of place where two celebrities can go about unbothered, as the other guests get it. On any given summer day you’ll find guests from Tom Cruise to the Kardashian clan.

The hotel itself has also maintained an old classic vibe, with suites done up in chic yet definitively traditional decor. The salt-water heated infinity pool, a new Dior spa, clay tennis courts, and a rooftop champagne bar are a few of the diversions Taylor and Travis can enjoy. There would also be nowhere more iconic to pop the question than along the famed Grand Allee. Or even better yet, they could have their wedding at the Hotel du Cap, which was the site of Sofia Richie’s wedding for the books.  

The Hotel: Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

Location: Lake Garda

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli should be where Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift vacation because it’s one of the least well-known luxury hotels in the world.  Frequented by billionaires who want to remain off the grid, Taylor (a billionaire) and her boyfriend will fit right in. No detail is spared of elegance in this 19th-century lakeside villa, where you feel like you’ve stepped into a Bond movie. Discretion, elegance, and romance are what Villa Feltrinelli is all about. They are also about the details; even the bedroom windows are shaped like tangerine segments or stars. Like Hotel du Cap, Villa Feltrinelli is another perfect place to have an intimate proposal. Somehow Villa Feltrinelli keeps off the radar so would be a perfect place for Travis and Taylor to hide out.

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Q: Which hotel that we think should be where Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift vacation has a saltwater pool?

A: Hotel du Cap

Q: Which hotel is the most under-the-radar

A: Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

Q: Where are there private terraces?

A: Splendido

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