Robert De Niro’s Hotels and Restaurants

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Robert De Niro

A shout-out to Robert De Niro who shows that at any age you can have game. We’re not talking about his Golden Globe or Oscar-winning movies, or that he bros down with Leo. We’re not even talking about how he’s a Dad again at 80. Instead, we’re talking about his hotel portfolio, which is at an impressive 18+ and growing. So, wherever you go, you can add Bobby’s hotels to your list.

If he didn’t become famous or rich enough in Hollywood, it’s still okay. He has other things going for him. Like a whole portfolio of world-famous hotels and restaurants. After all, he has a family to care for. Here are Robert De Niro’s Hotels and Restaurants.


After falling in love with Nobu‘s prototype, Matsuhisa (lovingly named after the founder and now co-owner of the Nobu empire), Robert jumped on board. In 1994, after repeatedly asking Nobu Matsuhisa to expand, Robert and he signed a contract to build what is now one of the most famous food and hospitality empires in the world.

From Tokyo to Paris, to New York, to Greece, Nobu has become a destination in its own right as one of De Niro’s hotels. Known for black cod and miso, Nobu serves Japanese-Peruvian cuisine. You probably know it for the thousands of celebrities pictured dining or staying at their worldwide properties.

In 2026, the first Nobu hotel will open in NYC in the Plaza Athenee which closed during the pandemic. The hotel will feature a private townhouse for exclusive service, as well as a new omakase spot that will be a welcome addition to the UES dining scene.

The Greenwich Hotel

The partners who got together to create Nobu also backed The Greenwich Hotel, a quaint, luxury hotel in Tribeca. From the outside, the hotel looks unassuming. Inside, though, there’s a Japanese Shibui spa with an indoor pool so beautiful it doesn’t feel like it’s in New York City.

Founded in 2008, the hotel’s 88 rooms are all unique and modern in design. Guestrooms are decked out with interesting furnishings that evoke the eclectic nature of the city. The creme de le creme, however, is the penthouse, whose 6,800 square foot interiors hold some of the best secrets of the Greenwich Hotel. Designed in the Wabi style, the sustainable interiors boast a blend of reclaimed wood, steel, and stone. There is beauty in imperfection. Or, rather, the suite is perfect, imperfectly. The iron fire grate was made from joist hangers that originally came from the construction of the Louvre and there’s also a private multistory terrace.

Tribeca Grill

Tribeca Grill has been one of the hottest restaurants on Robert De Niro’s block in Tribeca. For 30 years, the grill, which is on the first two floors of the building that houses the Tribeca Film Center, has served NYC favorites to all-star crowds. Over the course of its history, Tribeca Grill has seen special events hosted for the likes of Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Nelson Mandela, and Muhammed Ali.

The menu features delicious home-style food. Homemade pastas and grilled meats take center stage, while a seriously competitive wine list rounds out the dining experience.

The restaurant is so good that Robert De Niro received an honorary key to the city from the mayor at the grill this past June.

Locanda Verde

The Greenwich Hotel’s restaurant is about as popular as the hotel, itself. Locanda Verde is a triple threat. That is, it does breakfast, lunch, and dinner superbly. The lemon pancakes are not short of divine, while blue crab-topped crostini take a happy hour to the nines.

Whether you’re staying at De Niro’s hotel or not, Laconda Verde is an experience. Well-dressed people pop by for a bite while they’re in the area, or before a night out in the village. Although, while the crowd looks fantastic, they are regular and comfortable, and return because Laconda Verde is predictably good.

While Nobu caters to the foodies looking to expand their pallets, Laconda Verde has comfort food for those who want to play it safe. The “Sunday night ragu” is one example of a family-friendly meal everyone will come back for.


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