• Saturday, August 8, 2020

Lorenzo Manuali

Favorite Destination

Rome, Italy

Most Exotic Destination Traveled

Quito, Ecuador

Travel Philosophy

Never forget to visit the local hole in the wall

Lorenzo is a Food Contributor for Galavante.  He has been passionate about food and travel his whole life, influenced by his grandmother, the iconic Lidia Bastianich. Sundays were spent cooking with his family, where everyone would contribute.  One of his fondest memories is making gnocchi with his cousins as a young child.   He and his family have extensively traveled around the world, where of course Italy is a special destination.  He is always on the lookout for the newest authentic recipes and experiences, like making the perfect paella in Barcelona or visiting a prosciuttificio in Parma. He has previously written for Eataly Magazine as well as The Harvard Crimson’s blog and opinion sections.  He speaks Italian fluently.  Lorenzo is currently pursuing his B.A. in Government at Harvard University.  
What’s on My Bucket List:  Eating fugu in Japan (you haven’t lived until you eat something that, if not prepared correctly, could kill you)
Favorite Dish I Make:  Spaghetti alla Carbonara