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Christian Louboutin’s New Hotel

Vermelho Hotel

Over 30 years, ago, Christian Louboutin revolutionized the shoe industry with his signature red soles. So you may know him for his shoes, but what you may not know is that Christian Louboutin is one of the most well-traveled individuals on the planet. Louboutin is all over the wellness centers in Austria, where he can hike better than most 20-somethings. He also ventures further afield to destinations like Pakistan and Bhutan. So he knows what he likes when he travels, and it was only a matter of time for him to get into the hotel business. This is a first look at Vermelho, Christian Louboutin’s new hotel in Melides, a quaint Portuguese town on the Atlantic coast. It’s totally off the tourist grid, and about 20 minutes from Comporta, which is known as the Hamptons of Portugal.

An Ode to Red

It’s poetic justice that Christian Louboutin’s new hotel has a tribute to the red soles, which made his empire famous. Vermelho means red in Portuguese. Also, throughout the hotel, from the window panes to tiles, to the staircase, there are accents of red. The hotel itself was handcrafted by top artisans, and furnished with Louboutin’s own personal collection of items from his extensive travels. Each of the 13 rooms is uniquely appointed, with handcrafted tiles and signature linens, with you guessed it – red hand-stitched piping.

Wine and Dine

Christian Louboutin’s hotel doesn’t have the music pumping when you arrive. Instead, you’re welcomed into a tranquil vibe, like you are a guest at a close friend’s home. The restaurant has quickly become the best in town and serves traditional Portuguese food that’s elevated with presentation and execution. As you would expect, there’s a chic bar as well, with handcrafted cocktails and snacks. Vermelho is the kind of place you go to slow down and take in the beauty of the simplicity of life.

It’s Just the Start

Christian Louboutin’s new hotel Vermelho is the first, but it’s not the last venture. In fact, right in Melides and on the water, Louboutin has a sister hotel to Vermelho in the works. The plan is to have the second property with a rooftop bar, a large pool, and a casual pizzeria. This second property is currently slated to open in 2024. It sounds like there will be a small empire of Christian Louboutin’s new hotels, around the world. If the success of his shoe empire is any indication, he may be onto something with his signature hotel portfolio.

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Q: How many rooms does Christian Louboutin’s new hotel, Vermelho have?

A:  Vermelho has 13 rooms, each of which is unique.

Q:  Where is Christian Louboutin’s new hotel located?

A: The new hotel is located at:

R. Dr. Evaristo Sousa Gago 2, 7570-635 Melides, Portugal

The hotel is about 20 minutes from Comporta.

Q: Does Christian Louboutin’s new hotel have a restaurant?

A: The hotel has a restaurant that serves traditional Portuguese food. It also has a beautiful bar that serves drinks and snacks.

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