The 2021 New Restaurants in the Hamptons

It’s been a fun summer, and what’s old is new again. The Hamptons has returned to its glory, and there are a slew new restaurants and popups this summer. Just in time for August, which is your month for the beach. Here’s a little recap of all the new restaurants in the Hamptons for those just arriving for the last month of the summer. So eat out; man cannot live on grill alone. These are the new restaurants in the Hamptons this summer of 2021.

The Restaurant: Manna at Lobster Inn

This isn’t so much as one of the new restaurants in the Hamptons, but rather one that was revived. The team behind Sen Sushi now is at the helm of Manna, at the old Lobster Inn. It’s the first restaurant you see on 27, as you arrive to Southampton, for those who are newcomers. Otherwise, like its long-time predecessor, Manna is a seafood restaurant. But in lieu of fried food in gosh only knows how old that oil is, its focus is on fresh and healthy. Seafood towers overflowing with oysters and raw bar items are dominant on the menu. There’s also a whole section of simply grilled fish and steamed lobsters. Of course there are some naughty items like lobster rolls and yes, fried seafood, but it all seems relatively healthy.

La Fin Kitchen & Lounge

This may be the breakout star of the summer. La Fin is probably the most design-focused of the new restaurants in the Hamptons this 2021. Local interior store Destination Haus did the artwork for the restaurant, which overlooks Montauk Harbor. The menu is French, and inspired by the South of France and St. Barths. Atmosphere is just as important here as food, with a vibe-y feel and DJ that plays on special evenings.

Kissaki x Fish Cheeks

This is the collaboration you get the best sushi and you combine it with the best Thai food. Kissaki x Fish Cheeks is a pop up this summer through October 31. The restaurant is set within the Montauk Angler’s Club. At last, someone took the opportunity for new restaurants in the Hamptons to include a good Asian concept. And finally, there is good Asian food in the Hamptons. The guys at Kissaki and Fish Cheeks bring serious sushi, and authentic Thai. And yes, Fish Cheeks has its famous crab curry on the menu.

Rita Cantina

The Hamptons has mastered good, casual Mexican restaurants, with an elevated spin. Rita Cantina is where you Uber it for the evening, so you can pair your eats with margaritas. Food is reminiscent of Cosme, but doesn’t take itself seriously and is a lot less expensive. It’s as elevated as Mexican cuisine should be.

Si Si at EHP

Well, this is what happens when hedge fund guys buy a hotel, then throw as much money as they can at the problem. EHP is the revamped East Hampton Point, that opened this season, and Si Si is its restaurant concept. Food is coastal Mediterranean, which goes with the water theme, as it’s right on the harbor. The menu is seafood heavy, though they have a massive Tomahawk chop and a 14-ounce NY strip steak.

Il Buco al Mare

In the ever-changing space that was Sotto Sopra last season, Il Buco has arrived. There’s a reason, if you’re a real New Yorker, you’ve been to Il Buco at least twice, and likely multiple times. Il Buco is not just a pretty face; the food is solid. They take their show on the road this summer, and bring that same adept execution to al Mare. Like its name, which means Il Buco at the sea, the menu is seafood heavy.

Old Stove Pub Tuesday Takeover

So technically this is not one of the new restaurants in the Hamptons in 2021, but they do have a new pop up concept. Every Tuesday through Labor Day, there’s a chef takeover when beloved chefs like Marc Murphy, Marcus Samuelsson and Alex Guarnaschelli are in the house. Fourteen top toques in total are cooking up a storm, and you know the eats will be tops. Old Stove Pub is an example of why there may be new restaurants in the Hamptons, but the classics are also what summer is about.

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