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Joelle Mentis


Joelle Mentis, Writer

If your films have grossed over 10 billion dollars worldwide, you’ve earned your bragging rights. And you’ve definitely made some coin along the way. Traveling like Tom Cruise doesn’t have to be a Mission Impossible. In his 40+ year career, Hollywood’s most bankable star has visited some impressive places. This is his circuit, whether it’s at a film festival or on a vacation with his nearest and dearest. And while one of these destinations is as movie-star worthy as it gets, Tom keeps it balanced. So where Tom Cruise vacations can be where you vacation too.

Triple Seven Super Yacht, Mediterranean

There are few experiences as amazing as chartering a yacht (by the way, those in this category tend to refer to it as a “boat”). Any A-listers worth their salt, like Ben and Jen 2.0, are often found on a boat when they summer in Europe. So of course, where Tom Cruise vacations will include a movie-star-budget-worthy Mediterranean. And at $45 Million, the Triple Seven Super Yacht gets you six VIP suites, a cinema, and your own private night club. The German-made  Triple Seven even has an inflatable water park, for all the times you might need an emergency slip and slide. And this is Tom Cruise we’re talking about, so of course the boat is fitted with the speediest adventure equipment. We’re talking sea-dos, jet skis, and all the diving equipment a scuba enthusiast might need.

The yacht charters exclusively around the Mediterranean, so it’s always warm enough to jump in the water during the summer season. For a guy who does his own stunts in top-notch action movies, diving right in is very much up Tom Cruise’s alley.

The Gritti Palace, Venice

If you’re a true celebrity, Venice is a rite of passage. So it’s no surprise that where Tom Cruise vacations includes this city of canals in Northern Italy. Maybe he feels right at home because of the prestigious Venice Film Festival, which typically showcases the top buzzed-about films.

The picturesque city is also often the scene of blockbusters like Tom’s Mission Impossible franchise. Though Tom is usually the guy you see jumping out of buildings, Venice gave him a new experience. During a surge in COVID cases last year, he actually got stuck in one. But at least he can say it was the Gritti Palace in Venice, which is an apt place to stay for someone of his stature.

Located on the Grand Canal, the converted palace dates back to 1475, when it was the home of the hsitoric Pisano family. Now  converted to a five-star hotel, the classic Venice grandeur remained. The palace still sports some of the the original art and interiors, so its hard not to feel like you’re in a movie.

Wildlife Estate, Hoedspruit

For the latest Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise filmed in the town of Hoedspruit in Limpopo, South Africa. Limpopo is pretty popular with Hollywood big-budget film crews who want to shoot in Africa. With its dramatic African bush, the province is worth exploring for sure. Mission Impossible was set on a private wildlife estate, appropriately named Wildlife Estate. Located next to Kruger National Park, ark, the estate is right in the bush. Guests in the luxury villas frequently see big cats and elephants make their way through the backyard.

Tom stayed in a luscious private home nearby, but Wildlife Estate also offers simpler accommodations. Simple doesn’t mean bereft of luxury though. The villas all have private pools and views of the Drakensberg mountains. Visitors can count on a rustic safari experience. Honestly, when it comes to safaris, the high end of the high end is Singita Lebombo., in the heart of Kruger National Park.

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