Where to Travel this Fall 2023

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

The most beautiful season of the year goes by way too fast. And the beauty of fall is that you don’t have to make a big production of it. You can hop in the car or take a quick flight to get that well-deserved weekend break. So, before the clock turns to winter, this is where to travel this fall. Of course these destinations have hotels are where you can get your fall on in all its glory.

Destination: Tennessee

Where to Stay: Blackberry Farm

The Overview

Where to travel this fall is actually more Blackberry Farm than it is Tennessee. These days, farm and luxury go hand in hand. But the upscale farm was basically invented by Blackberry Farms. The Great Smoky Mountains lay the backdrop for this boutique hotel, where the farm-to-table philosophy has been the name of the game for 80 years. Now, the James Beard award-winning restaurant, The Barn, is the perfect place to indulge in some hearty fall food while watching the leaves float by in the wind. Also, it’s nice to see a team of bad a** women in the kitchen.

And though known for the food, Blackberry is the kind of place that will convince you we should return to a pre-Industrial period. The activities are endless. Over 4,200 acres of protected lands offer the opportunity to see the leaves while hiking, biking,  fly fishing, or taking a horse-drawn carriage ride. Or you can opt to do nothing but relax at the spa.


Prime Leaf Peeping

Peak Colors in Tennessee will turn during mid-late October, and will carry through early November.

Destination: The Berkshires

Where to Stay: Miraval Berkshires

The Overview

The Berkshires are famous as a respite for New Yorkers and Bostonians. And the historic resorts are getting fancier and more luxurious. Miraval doesn’t just offer front row seats to some of the best displays of foliage in the country, it also has a massive 29,000 sq ft luxury spa, and all inclusive health-conscious dining designed for wellness lovers from all walks of life. Mansions, cottages and townhouses get progressively more modern across the property, so stays are comfy. But the reason to stay at Miraval is the laundry list of activities which range from beekeeping classes, to chakra balancing, to ropes courses, which, though might remind you of your field trip in 9th grade, are, like the resort, for 18 and up.

Prime Leaf Peeping

Leaves in Lenox, Massachusetts  turn the whole month of October. You may even get some November action in.

The Destination: Champagne, France

Where to Stay: Royal Champagne Hotel

The Overview

Sometimes you need to indulge in the finer things in life. The Royal Champagne Hotel is one of them. They even have Champagne in their name, so you know they serve it.  Dinner is an event, where they have the best gourmet restaurant in the whole region. So Champagne is not only where to travel this fall 2023, but a place to put on the list anytime of year.

The Royal Champagne has 47 rooms, and each have breathtaking views of the Marne Valley. Designed like a modern amphitheater, the hotel lets the land be the centerpiece. Activities include relaxed strolls around the vineyards, high tech spa treatments, and lazy heated pool-side naps. Also, if you have children, or furry, four legged children that fit the vibe, they are welcome.

Prime Leaf Peeping

End of October to early November are the best times to view the leaves in Chapillon.

The Destination: The English Countryside

Where to Stay: Estelle Manor in Oxfordshire +  Soho Farmhouse in the Cotswolds

The Overview

Estelle Manor

London is for play in the city, but the countryside is where to travel this fall for the quintessential getaway. For those of you that know Maison Estelle in London, they have a stunning estate hotel,  Estelle Manor, in Oxfordshire. The Manor is the balance between classic English elegance with thoughtful 20th century decor. The surrounding area provides acres of manicured lawns, gardens and rows of historic trees.

Soho Farmhouse

Similar to Estelle Manor, Soho Farmhouse outpost of private members club Soho House. The Farmhouse offers a Cotswolds escape where city dwellers find respite in farmland. They also have all of the on-brand experiences you’d expect like tennis, clay pigeon shooting, and horseback riding.

Prime Leaf Peeping

The first week in November is the best time to see the leaves both in the Cotswolds and in Oxfordshire.

maria cristina

The Destination: San Sebastian, Spain

Where to Stay: Hotel Maria Cristina

The Overview

The Spanish coast is an underrated fall getaway. It’s a shame, because San Sebastian is where to travel this fall 2023. Even though the city gets a bit chillier, San Sebastian is still full of things to do, and especially eat. You have to love a place where a food counts as cultural activity. If you start eating now you will make for a perfect winter layer. You can also opt for a cooking class at the best cooking school in San Sebastian, MIMO. MIMO is located at the Maria Cristina hotel, which happens to also be the best hotel in the center of the city.

Prime Leaf Peeping

This city of San Sebastian itself isn’t the spot to see leaves. You won’t miss them, though, when you have a view of that beach. However, if you head north towards Biarritz on the French side, a short 45 minute drive away, you can get your leaves on.

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Q: Is fall a good time of the year to go to San Sebastian?

A: San Sebastian is where to travel this fall 2023, and where to travel all-year round. It is always a good idea to go to San Sebastian, which is a perfect long weekend trip away.

Q:  Is Estelle Manor open all year round?

A: Estelle Manor is open all year round, and it is definitely where to travel this fall 2023. As a newer hotel, it’s a popular getaway from London.

Q: Are there luxury hotels in the Berkshires?

A: Yes, there are a slew of new luxury hotels in the Berkshires, as well as some established ones like Wheatleigh Hotel and Miravel, a larger luxury wellness resort.

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