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What to Pack for a Trip

Travel in Style
March 18, 2014
By , Galavante Contributor

Any frequent flyer knows that suitcase space is a precious commodity. When temperature, humidity and dress code are bound to vary, it’s tempting to plan for multiple scenarios – which often means packing to capacity. The problem with indulging this temptation, of course, is that it leaves little room for nonessentials. Extra shoes? Bold statement pieces you love, but can live without? Forget about spontaneous accessorizing. Possibly worst of all, being short on space limits the goodies you buy on location – unless you bring an additional bag, which is its own kind of inconvenient.

But there’s a middle path: packing a couple of versatile items that double (or triple!) up on functions so you can account for everything, with coveted suitcase real estate to spare. Here are five first-rate multitaskers, whose versatility wins them a permanent spot on the Galavante packing list.

Day-to-Night Dress
No matter how many bags you bring on a trip, running to the hotel for a quick change can really disrupt a day of exploring. But daytime and evening occasions call for different styles. With a few jewelry swaps, an urbane frock like this See by Chloé Cotton Star Print Dress transitions from fancy-free to just plain fancy, no change needed.

Convertible Jacket
The good news about hot-cold climates is that they usually don’t go too far in either extreme. That creates a perfect entrance for the Yigal Azrouël Leather Zip Sleeve Jacket, with the designer’s signature sleek construction. When weather errs on the colder side, wear as is; when things warm up, unzip the sleeves and the lamb-leather fabric is a ready-made vest.

Expandable Bag
There’s a time for a bag and a time for a backpack, but it’s easier and lower maintenance to have a bag-turned-backpack. When you’re museum-hopping or sightseeing, the Alexander Wang Black Marti in Washed Black with Nickel can swing on your shoulder without any fuss. When you need your arms free or the bag gets too heavy (maybe from all that shopping?), it unzips – and unfolds – into a spacious, easy-to-carry pack.

Despite its simplicity – or perhaps because of it – a pashmina is one of the most open-ended pieces there is. Like an Hermès scarf, it can knot into all sorts of things, from cold-weather shawl to ritzy stole to airplane blanket; as a bonus, it folds up into nothing when out of commission. This Denis Colomb Cashmere Scarf makes wrapping up a special extravagance.

A good blue jean is like a smile: It’s universally recognized, and there’s nowhere it’s out of place. The J Brand Maria High-Rise Skinny in Carbon Blue, one of the gold-standard denim brand’s more fitted models, is a chic cut that’s compatible with any top, shoes or accessories; most occasions; and any kind of weather.