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Stylist Secrets

Inside the Stylist’s Studio
February 25, 2014

The Oscars are like the Super Bowl for fashionistas…at least for the fortunate few who get to attend. If you’ve ever wanted the inside scoop on how the A-list among us find That Perfect Dress, wait no longer. We called upon one of our favorite stylists to the stars, Lovey Dash, to get the inside scoop.

Galavante:  Our favorite red carpet looks of late seem so natural, like theyre made for the actress.

Lovey:  The trend among the A-listers right now is to forge a “relationship” with a designer and have something made exclusively for them. It’s a win-win – the actress gets to keep the gorgeous creation and the designer gets props on the red carpet.

Galavante: And when you dont have Valentinos number on hand?

Lovey:  In that case, Hollywood stylists like me are called upon to find the perfect dress straight off the runway. Competition is fierce, but those lucky enough to be 5’10” and size 0 – with major connections – can score an haute couture piece. And (they’re just like us!) red carpet regulars procrastinate too. We’ve all heard the dramatic tales of last-minute changes, usually based on rumors of what someone else is wearing, or trending colors or styles. Ever heard of an actress having to be sewn into her dress? There’s a good chance a late change is to blame. Every Oscar night I pray I won’t have any fashion emergencies. From gowns tearing to too-tight shoes to panty line malfunctions... you name it, I’ve seen it.

Galavante:  What about everyone else we see at the Oscars?

Lovey:  Anyone who isn’t on the A-list must have a stylist in order to get into showrooms and have access to dresses not available to the public. An honest opinion never hurt, either. Red carpet-worthy designer dresses typically costs upwards of $10K, but there are so many outstanding designers these days. I’ve seen fabulous dresses starting at $500. A stylist will bring a selection of dresses in your price range (as well as shoes and matching bags) for you in to try on in the comfort of your home. If a stylist is not in your budget, most luxury departmentstores, including Bergdorf, Neiman Marcus and SFA will supply your very own personal shopper free of charge.

Galavante:  What advice would you give someone who wants to look their best on the red carpet?

Lovey:  Let us not forget accessories – and I am not talking about arm candy – but hair, makeup, jewels, handbags and shoes! Oh, how I love the shoes. These details can make or break a look. Speaking of shoes, comfort is not the look you go for on Oscar night. Glamorous, happy and secure is what my client must feel. Last but not least, a lovely smile and flattering pose will make your look.

Lovey Dash is available for private shopping, and a glass of champagne on the exclusive Louis Vuitton roofdeck on Rodeo.  Email her at LoveyDash@aol.com.