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Spas to Travel For

Paris: La Réserve Hotel & Spa
December 26, 2018
By , Contributor

Tucked inside an ornate Belle Epoque mansion on the Right Bank of Paris, is the unexpected boîte of La Réserve Hotel & Spa. From the moment you descend into the elevator, “stress-free” is the motto around its sixteen-meter indoor pool. But you don’t necessarily come here just to swim.

What makes this a spa worth traveling for? Firstly, it’s in Paris, and any excuse to travel to Paris is always a good one. Secondly, after a late night at Le Montana, you could use a refresher. This spa is so intimate with only three rooms, that you feel like everyone’s sole purpose is to nurse you back to top form. Not to get all academic, but La Reserve is a serious skin therapy institute that exclusively offers Nescens-Swiss anti-aging science cosmeceutical products, pioneered by Professor Jacques Proust. So, while Paris may have a monopoly on love, La Réserve has patented youth.

La Réserve’s spa has a range of restorative treatments, including our favorite: the Très Particulier, which zaps our jet lag. Their main claim to fame however, is their anti-aging services. Their Better-Aging Signature Body Massage is a draining, detoxifying service that works long-term to take you back to your university days. They also offer specifically designed men’s anti-aging treatments, from fundamental anti-aging to preventative, corrective, and hand care. So you may come in looking a bit rough around the edges, but expect to leave a better version of yourself.