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Skin Care by Julie Macklowe

Swiss Skin Care
March 26, 2014
By , Executive Editor

When a woman who can have anything decidedly gets behind something, we listen up. In the case of Swiss skin care line vbeauté, that woman would be Julie Macklowe, hedge fund manager turned fashion darling turned beauty maven. Since we’re in a Swiss state of mind,  we felt it was time to give her props. Admittedly, as lifestyle gurus with backgrounds in finance, we possess a kindred respect for other lifestyle gurus with backgrounds in finance. But a woman who can secure investors’ confidence while donning a Metropolitan Museum of Art-worthy Alexander McQueen creation has got serious game and her interests are definitely worth paying attention to.

The story goes something like this: Julie goes on a trip. Julie’s bounty of beauty products gets confiscated at the airport by the TSA who, no doubt, later indulge in a spa night straight from the heavens. Julie, on the other hand, has a skin freakout which makes her mad. Mad enough to undertake the creation of a travel-friendly, high-performance skincare brand out of Switzerland and launch it at Bergdorf Goodman. That was three years ago, and the botanically derived (from the anti-aging Alpine Rose, specifically) products gained a lot of traction. So what’s a globe-trotting, style-savvy entrepreneur to do next? Relaunch the exact same products, but at a mass-market price point, and put them up for sale at Duane Reade. Because the only way to up the ante on being able to have “anything” is to be able to get “anything” at your local corner store. How’s that for travel-friendly?

(Photo courtesy of vbeauté)