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Shoes For Traveling

Travel Shoes: A Guide to Shoes That Pack Well
March 6, 2019
By , Associate Editor

When it comes to packing, there is no compromise more annoying than having to sacrifice a pair of shoes because they’re probably not worth taking with you. Say, if you were only planning to wear them with that one outfit while you were on vacation. Or if they’re too heavy, and not worth the effort of carrying in your luggage. Or because the stiletto might break in your suitcase. Or because if you collapse them, you'll ruin them. There’s always a reason.

We’ve outlined of our favorite shoes below that are hands down, some of the best shoes for traveling. You can walk miles in them, they transition well from day to night, you’re not compromising fashion for comfort, and most importantly, they’re easy to slip on and off when you’re going through airport security. Win, win, win.

Gucci Loafers

There’s a reason that the model for these shoes hasn’t changed since 1953 – there’s not really much to improve. They’re comfortable, they go with pants and skirts, fit both men and women, and because they’re Gucci, you know they’re quality. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth of wears out of them.


Chanel Espadrilles

Let’s put aside the fact that this is the most Googled shoe of recent years, with 10,000-10,000 monthly hits. They’re chic, they’re elegant, and they’re comfortable. There is so much to choose from – varieties of quilted lambskin, leather toe caps, sequins, cutouts – you name it. But most importantly, they’re light on your feet, which means you can walk miles in them, and you don’t have to worry about a heavy suitcase.


Lanvin Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are casual, yet feminine and elegant – and they take up literally no space. You can pack as many pairs as you want (in every color of the rainbow to go with every outfit), and you’ll still have room for more shoes. Made of lambskin leather, and with an elasticated rim, Lanvin Flats are probably a staple for any outfit – not just while you’re traveling.


Adidas Sneakers

Adidas Sneakers are not only great for workouts, but also for exploring, and for packing. They have an ultra-flexible Geoflex outsole that moves naturally with your feet while you walk, so you won’t get blisters. And they look good – they’re not like sneaker sneakers. They’re also durable, and you can wear them with almost anything.


M.Gemi Signature Loafers

Perhaps the most chameleon-like shoes of them all, the M.Gemi Signature Loafers go with everything from a ballgown to a pair of jeans. These hand-made Italian staples come out with in a new style each week. But you only need one pair, really. They’re trans-seasonal, and they’re shaped to fit into virtually any bag.