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Melissa Morris' Convenience Know-How

Love Or Nothing, Baby
April 18, 2019
By , Associate Editor

It’s rare that even the best bag is durable enough to keep up with your schedule; your luggage has been everywhere, from weekends in the Hamptons to the top of Kilimanjaro, and everywhere in between. Your luggage is a reflection of you, and there are few brands that express both style and functionality. When Melissa Morris and Reinhard Mieck noticed this gap in the market, they created their own line of bags: L.O.N.B. (stands for “Love Or Nothing Baby”). We’d buy this line on name alone.

The know-how behind L.O.N.B. is to create bags that yes, are objectively stylish, but can keep up with your crazy schedule. They have as much thought put into their inside as they do their outside. After having worked as head of womenswear at Belstaff, Melissa Morris met Reinhard Mieck when he was the CEO of Labelux. The designers then partnered up to come up with the mission statement for bags that combine in them the “traditional luxury values, married with a modern outlook to create a heritage, which starts today.” In other words, if a bag is truly able to fit in with your day-to-day journey, it will make the perfect travel bag when it comes to your long-distance journeys too.

Each product of the L.O.N.B. line is designed with the same quality as Hermes and Berluti – the black calfskin is smooth and seamless, the brown suede is refined and gorgeous, and the colors vibrant. But each compartment has its own Russian-doll-set of compartments, and each zip pouch or pocket has a distinct purpose. The signature L.O.N.B. bag, “Designing for a Modern Nomad,” not only has pockets for essentials like your phone, wallet, keys, boarding pass, and passport, but also clips into a larger bag, as well as converts into a convenient clutch (with varying strap options).


The bags themselves are fully functioning chameleons, but they also transition seamlessly from season to season, and of course, from airport to airport. They’ve thought of everything. Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne – they’d all be just a little bit jealous.