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Luxury Wellness Center in California

Spas to Travel For: The Malibu Ranch
February 14, 2019
By , Associate Editor

The Spa: The Malibu Ranch


Why we like it: If there is anything more apt than escaping from the bitter winter to sunny California, it’s escaping to an all-immersive luxury spa experience in Malibu. Except it’s even better than a spa: it’s a wellness center. Combine that with the healthy lifestyle outlook of The Ranch, and you have yourself a perfect Valentine’s Day week. The Malibu Ranch invites you - nay, compels you - to dive in to jumpstarting your health and wellness goals, be it through weight loss, digital detox, stress management, sleep recovery, mental health, healthy menopause, anti-tobacco, or simply a “life reset.” Designed to restructure your outlook on the health of the mind and body, The Ranch combines elements of fitness, an organic vegan diet, yoga, massages, and hikes. Guests are also able to engage in a cooking class, a tour of the organic garden, a 60-mile hike of breathtaking views, and even a Cryotherapy session.


The Ranch offers a 4-day Jumpstart, a 7-day Signature Stay, a 1-day Detox, among other wellness programs, be it for a group, for a couple’s retreat, or for your one-on-one time with yourself. And if you don’t have time for the long-term stuff, they also offer a 1-day Integrative Lifestyle Physical, which is a full-on medical diagnostic check-up, that focuses holistically on your overall wellness and health. And since The Ranch is completely results-oriented, you know they’re going to last - which makes it a wellness center worth traveling for.