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harlem whiskey

What to Drink Now - Harlem Standard Whiskey, Margaritas by Topolo and Chateau Musar
April 17, 2020
By , The Experts

While most of us are staying at home responsibly nowadays, it means most of us are responsibly drinking at home too.  We’re running a special series, What to Drink Now,  and checking in with our Tastemakers who travel the world and have some of the best inspiration for food and drink.  

The Tastemaker:  Christy Haworth, Finance

What to Drink:  Tequila.  Specifically Margaritas inspired by the Frontera Grill/Topolo  recipe by Rick Bayles.  

I’m originally from Texas, so I  love Tex Mex and always up for tequila.  When I make the recipe at home, I use 3 tablespoons sugar and Casa Dragones is my tequila of choice.  Recently I experimented with infusing my tequila with fresh jalapeno, as I love spicy.  I vertically cut jalapenos which ensures you really get the heat of the peppers and place them in the bottle for about 4 days.  There was a brief moment of concern on whether the jalapenos go bad in the bottle, but we cleared it up with the Mezcal expert, Jimmy Yeager himself from Jimmy’s in Aspen.  The jalapenos don’t spoil, but the longer you leave them in, the spicier the tequila.  

The Tastemaker:  Brian DiMarco, CEO of  Barterhouse NYC Wines 

What to Drink:  Harlem Standard Whiskey.

I may be biased on this one, but after being in the beverage business for over 20 years, I decided to make my own whiskey.  We’re kicking it old school, reviving techniques inspired by the 1920s Prohibition period and Harlem, hence our name.  We distill in Indiana and blend and bottle our spirits in Bardstown, Kentucky.  This is the drink you want to sit back with and listen to jazz.  We have our own playlist on Spotify as Harlem Standard is about the full experience – the drink, the setting and the company.  

More at https://harlemstandard.com

The Galavante House Drink:  Christine Drinan, Galavante Founder

What to Drink: Chateau Musar 2002, Lebanon from the Bekaa Valley 

Since I got my Coravin, which allows you to pull out a glass of wine without ever opening the bottle, I’ve been drinking my good wine out of my cellar, guilt-free.  Right now I’m feeling in Lebanese frame of mind, so drinking Chateau Musar, 2002. It’s pretty appropriate for the moment; the vineyard has been making wine since the 1930s  through civil wars, political unrest and much more challenging circumstances than our current.   The Chateau Musar is a full-bodied red wine made in the French style and is rich and filling.  You almost don’t need a meal though it pairs beautifully with anything from cheese to Chateaubriand.  It’s also a good value around $55-$65 bottle depending on the vintage.  I source mine from Amsterdam Wines in my neighborhood on the Upper West Side.