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Golf Fashion

Above Par
May 7, 2014
By , Galavante Contributor

A large part of traveling in style is with fitting into your surroundings. You wear Dior in Paris and Dolce in Roma. You’ll go teeny-weeny bodycon in Miami and flowing maxi in Marrakech. And you always, always wear white in Santorini.

But there are times when the styles in question aren’t exactly your cup of tea. (See: Miami bodycon after a particularly gluttonous month). So it also goes with golf, province of plaid and polos. Thankfully, a choice few pieces tailor the showy golf uniform to subtler tastes.

The wrong polo can call to mind old-timers at the country club, but leave it to Tory Burch to do what she does best: Update the classics. We love her Lidia Polo in Black with its ruffled placket, gold buttons and slim fit.

Next up: the visor. While this handy little accessory has been faithfully serving a real purpose – hello, sun protection! – for decades, its “cool factor” waned around 1992. But what can we say, Normcore is the buzzword of the moment and summer’s fast approaching, which leads us to believe that the visor will shortly be back with a vengeance. Get in while the getting’s good with Marni Mesh Visor.


Wrap sunglasses are one of the golf uniform’s most sacred pieces. But the rimless-goggle variety are, quite simply, not anyone’s best look. Luckily, Tom Ford Raquel Sunglasses allude to the golf glasses’ cutaway lens and wrap frame but show off a sharper, sleeker silhouette. We’d expect nothing less.

And lastly, plaid pants. There’s a way to wear them non-ironically, and it involves thinking outside of over-the-top tartan. The Band of Outsiders Mixed Plaid Pants have a flattering cut and muted plaid.

(Photos courtesy of the designers)