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Fashionable Safari Outfits

What to Wear: Fashionable on Safari
December 17, 2014

While black may be a primary color in your closet, a safari is a reason to expand your palate into olives and browns.  Unlike conventional advice out there though, we're telling you muted blues and greys are perfectly fine as well.  The key is to bring pieces you would normally wear, and avoid the safari gear that will have you looking like the equivalent of a fanny pack-wearing tourist on your bucket list trip. 

Dress in layers and stay chic; don’t be afraid to mix in couture silk shirts from Carolina Herrera and Armani wraps with casual shorts. It’s not like you’re terribly active on a safari, though a guide worth his salt will have you in and out of the Range Rover for walking excursions.  So leave the Louboutins and even sandals at home; our advice is to always wear comfortable, closed toe shoes. 

These are the top 5 pieces we’d bring to stay fashionable, yet practical on safari:

1.     The Buff. The buff is a lighter version of a neck warmer, in a thin cotton material that can easily pull over your nose to save you from the dust and bugs while on drive in the bush, or for those who want to go for an aggressive fashion statement, it can be used as a headscarf.  It’s also surprisingly warm for the unexpected cold snap, yet doesn’t overheat you in the hot sun. 

Our favorite:  We go custom with prints that are the equivalent of Hermes in this category at Buff.com


2.     The Safari Hat.  The only piece of acceptable safari gear to wear is the traditional hat.  You’ll probably save it for lunches to provide you shade from the sun, as they aren’t as practical as a baseball cap (also a must) for the game drives as they have a tendency to fly away.

Our Favorite:  Simon & Mary in Johannesburg, South Africa

3.     The Wrap.  Bring muted pashminas to dress up a tank top and to shield you from the chill on the morning drives and cool evening dinners, and hot sun during the day.   

4.     Long pants and shorts.  Plan for long pants for the crisp morning air or if you’re lucky, for the night safaris that only a very few get to experience unless you’re on safari with a company like Completely Unique Safaris.  For the afternoon game drives, plan to wear shorts as it can heat up to the 90s during the day. 


Our Favorite:  On pants, we stocked up on Generation Love and Current Elliot.  This season, Generation Love even has camo leggings, which have found their way post-trip into our yoga classes.  For shorts, we hit up Steven Allen which always seems to have them, even in the off-season. 

5.    Backpack.  Think of this as your survival kit, which you should pack with snacks, binoculars, hand sanitizer, tissues and any other necessities you need to be comfortable on your game drives. 

Our Favorite:  Dark Horse Leather Accessories in Capetown, South Africa