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Fashionable Beach Towels

High and Dry
May 28, 2014
By , Associate Editor

Style is as much what you say as how you say it. There's nothing like the glimpse of the plaid lining of a Burberry trench or the red bottom of a Louboutin. Bringing style to forgotten details and unchartered territory keeps fashion fun. And creatively, it ups the ante for everyone.

As summer rolls around, unexpected style is easier than ever. Just focus on a piece that rarely captures the style spotlight: the beach towel. Nearby sunbathers on Main Beach will be thoroughly surprised when you wrap up in a fabulously unexpected scene. Drying off, it turns out, can make quite a splash.

Shells, starfish and seahorses are expected on beach towels. Resoundingly absent from that list: a pagoda. Yet that’s what’s splayed proudly across the Jonathan Adler Luxembourg Pagoda Beach Towel. Bold lines and playful colors match the novelty of the concept with a preppy aesthetic.

Whether in driving or in beach-bumming, jaguars are a style icon. The Maslin Jaguar Hide Beach Towel earns its style stripes – er, spots – in the print and cut of a jaguar throw. The marine blue elevates the fashion aspect and prevents it from verging into living room-floor territory.

Squares of geometric-printed fabric are standard style fare: The Pucci scarf has been in vogue for almost 70 years. What’s unexpected about the Emilio Pucci Cotton Beach Towel is that, well – it’s a towel. Absorbent cotton replaces silk and chiffon in a delicious twist on the old classic.

If you really want to impress fellow beachgoers with your appreciation of modern culture, turn your towel into a canvas by choosing one from the Art Production Fund. The Yayoi Kusama Towel was designed by the artist and showcases her signature brand of Japanese pop art.