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Coats by Hobbs

Spring Coats
April 23, 2014
By , Galavante Contributor

Spring weather can be a bit of a downer. Sunshine makes a celebrated appearance only to be outdone by another bout of icy rain. Again. Memorial Day could not come soon enough. But as they say: Showers before flowers. Keep your head up.

Every cloud, however, has its silver lining, and drizzles, winds, and cold spells leave a great opening for a new spring coat. If there's one brand that has cornered this market it's Hobbs, favored by the ever-stylish Duchess Kate herself. Since the British company came stateside, we thought we’d review our favorite coats from their spring collection. From modern cuts to offbeat prints, each one is more than enough to lift your (literally) dampened spirits.

If worn with confidence, a crisp white coat can defy Labor-Day conventions and doctor’s-office connotations to make a bold fashion statement. The clean, low-drama lines of the Brooke Coat creates an impression of effortlessness that neutralizes its daring shade.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and we love the (accidental) metaphor of the Michelle Coat’s cocoon silhouette. Not only does the oversized cut nod to a certain incubation period, but it arrives in a cobalt-lined floral print that reminds us of the foliage ahead.

When other foul-weather styles fail, we turn to Hobbs’s British origins – after all, Brits push through the grayest (ahem, greyest) weather of all. The Elise Coat boasts a thoroughly dandified plaid in white and navy, plus knitting binding, to bring a dash of London street style to this side of the pond.