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Chic and Elegant Travel Clothes and Luggage

Khaite: One-Stop-Shop for Travel
August 1, 2019
By , Associate Editor

We always find it difficult to walk past a brand that is a one-stop shop for everything that is elegant and chic, but also practical – that’s Khaite. It was only in 2016 that Cate Holstein created the brand with the intention to make something that “is feminine, without being precious.” By observing which garments people cherish but don’t admire, versus those that are admirable but impractical, Holstein set out to bridge the gap. And bridge she did.

Ideal travel clothes look luxurious, but are functional at their core. Enter Khaite. Their coats are anything from durable biker jackets to brightly-colored trench coats that are modern, stylish, and transition seamlessly from outfit to outfit, and day to night. Khaite pants are versatile and original, and can be paired with any number of stylish Khaite tops. They’re subtle, but they will also get you noticed. And, there seems to be no item of clothing that the brand doesn’t carry – including underwear and bralettes – though in this case, quality is not compromised by quantity or variety.

But one of our favorites is Khaite luggage. As Holstein put it, it’s difficult to find a bag that’s big enough to hold everything, but “small enough to fit into a bigger bag.” Perhaps it is out of Holstein’s own initial necessity that Khaite have spacious carry-ons, elegant clutches, durable totes, and all the right bags for travel that can stand the test of time and miles, and take you all around the world.