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Spas to Travel For: The Cap Rocat Mallorca
June 20, 2018
By , Features Editor & Copy Editor

Mallorca has always attracted a discerning jet set that forgoes garish displays of wealth for more elegant, low-key pastimes. Don’t get us wrong – people there have a great time. Dinners are serious, bustling gourmet affairs with large groups of friends living the good life. But they’re generally not focused on “my magnum of champagne is bigger than yours,” even though almost all of them can afford it.  

Cap Rocat is everything that makes Mallorca special. A former military fortress overlooking the Bay of Palma, it’s an oasis – even for Mallorca. From the moment you enter the compound, there’s something about the vibe that makes you want to chill out and stay awhile – which is perfect for getting your spa Zen on. Carved into limestone rock, the spa is an underground enclave with 40-foot atriums that provide natural sunlight to the indoor pool and maze of rooms. Quite frankly, even if you’ve never had a spa treatment it alone is worth the trip to Mallorca. The atmosphere is calming; you can spend an entire day just reading and catching up on Z’s in a draped bed in their relaxation room, which is minimalist, yet warm and cozy. The hammam is a standout – Mallorca is close to Morocco so the influence is clear – specializing in 5000-year-old Ayurvedic healing methods. Round out your stay with yoga and Pilates and it’s a wellness experience worth traveling for.