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The Hamptons - There's No Place Like Haus
August 23, 2017

There’s something about the Hamptons, where a weekend trip feels equivalent to a week’s worth of rest.  You can travel all over the world, argue the fabulousness of Europe in the summer (Mykonos – we love you) and like P Diddy or whatever he’s calling himself nowadays, proclaim the Hamptons is over.  But in reality, there’s no place like home.  Or in this case, Haus.  The newest shop to arrive this season in the Hamptons right on Main Street in Amagansett is Destination Haus.  Founded by the Vellante.women - Laureen, Kendra, and Carlyn - this family has traveled all over the world for their current and previous day jobs, as well as flipped over 15 real estate properties.  In other words, they know a thing or two about home decor. 

For Destination Haus, the Vellentes have sourced the perfect African artifact market for hand-woven bowls, the  best shop in the Moroccan souks for textiles and so many other treasures from destinations around the world.  The result is an exquisitely curated shop – and to boot, it’s stunningly beautiful.  This is exactly the place that we dream to find on our travels, and for those dinner parties and BBQ invitations, where to find the perfect hostess gift.  After all, there’s no place like Haus.