• Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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What to Drink Now - The Value Issue - Champagne, California Cab and Argentine Malbec
May 20, 2020

It’s a pandemic, and perhaps there’s not the usual palate for splurging on Haut-Brion. We get it. This week is about value, but without compromising on the finer things in life. And speaking of the finer things, we’re keeping this one all in the family, with the Founders of Trufflin who are sharing their drinks of choice.

The Tastemaker: Liv Woudstra-Robinson, Founder of Trufflin

The Drink: Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne, around $45

I’m French, so I love champagne. It goes very well with truffles and caviar, and I’m not just saying that because I am the Founder of Trufflin, a specialty food company. It’s a universal fact! I love Nicolas Feuillatte, which I would choose any time, any occasion, any place. The price point is approachable, but it’s still really good quality.

The Tastemaker: Cornelious Robinson, Founder of Trufflin

The Drink: Lately, I’ve been drinking Caymus, and while this is not an inexpensive wine, in the whole scope of California Cabernets, it’s still relatively reasonable at around $70 compared to the cult vineyards on Pritchard Hill that are charging upwards of $500 per bottle. It also pairs perfectly with truffle pasta, whether it’s white truffle season, burgundy truffles or summer black truffles. There’s a reason why we are in the truffle and caviar business; we love good food.


The Tastemaker: Christine Drinan, Galavante Founder

The Drink: Rutini Malbec, around $25

For the most part, my wine picks have been under $100 since we started this What to Drink a month ago on The Weekly. But I wanted to go old school for this issue, to a wine discovered in my 20s in Buenos Aires on a trip with girlfriends. This is my second favorite Argentine wine because I feel like I am indulging chocolate berries when I have a glass. And while it’s full-bodied, it’s still elegant. I had the best memories from that trip, including breaking into the Four Seasons pool (relax, I was a guest) after clubbing until 4 a.m. in the morning. I’m pretty sure I brought down a bottle of Rutini.