• Thursday, July 9, 2020
June 10, 2020

The Time is Now

I hope that you’ve been enjoying The Weekly as much as we’ve enjoyed being inspired by the people, places, restaurants and all the luxuries we work so hard to experience. We’re taking a pause this week from our regularly scheduled Weekly because it seems disingenuous to talk about private planes, summer homes and over-the-top experiences at this moment. Don’t worry; we’ll be back bringing you a few moments of escape next week. But today, we want to address the reality of what’s happening in our country and world right now. If you’re reading this, then you’re the person who can make a difference.

The Wellness Issue, which published last week, had been in the works since March. We knew that 90 days into the pandemic, it would be time to stop giving ourselves a pass and start providing some self-care. Elastic pants are not the future, and health is not just about mitigating risks of COVID-19, but rather, it’s about integrated wellness. Our emotional and physical health are directly related. This issue was personal for me, as recognizing that connection and having the right people in my inner circle helped me lose the 30 pounds that I had acquired over 15 years of stressful situations that were not necessary in my life. We hope the Wellness Issue is helping you have a deeper night’s sleep and become more energized with work and inspired for our future.

At Galavante, we’ve taken the big-picture view of the pandemic from the start: this is a temporary reality we have to adapt to, but from which we will come out stronger than ever. We still believe that, but had no idea that we would also face a national crisis. With all that is happening, it’s more important than ever that we not only start taking care of ourselves, but also start being human beings again and contributing members of society. We need to start thinking of others and standing up for those like George Floyd.

My view of the world was forever changed on May 25th, when I saw George Floyd beg for his life and take his last breath. What happened to him is a disgrace, and our treatment of black people in America needs to change. This was not just one ignorant police officer; we have an epidemic of racism in our country. I have a diverse group of friends, but this whole situation has made me realize that I have no clue how much discrimination and how many challenges black individuals face every day, in America and in the world. I haven’t done my part, and it’s time to do better.

What has happened since the death of George Floyd has demonstrated both the best, and the worst, in people. I have mad respect for those who are peacefully protesting and demanding justice; I wish I were as brave as you. Those who are looting aren’t part of the demonstrations; they are just thieves. I said from the beginning that this pandemic was our window into people’s souls. The universe is really holding our feet to the fire right now. We are at a critical time in our history. Now is the time to rise to the occasion. I’m not going to tell you whom to vote for, but I am going to tell you to vote. We all have a voice. When we see injustice, we can’t just turn away. I was always taught not to get involved, but this is the time for us to lay it on the line, for our families, our communities, our country, our world.

Wishing you and your loved ones health, safety and strength as we navigate this new world together. We will come out of this, but we all need to do our parts to come out of it better.


Christine Drinan
Founder and Editor-in-chief