• Friday, October 18, 2019
February 18, 2015

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I am always contemplative in a new year, both professionally for the direction of our editorial coverage and business initiatives, and personally for what I want to experience in travel.  After four years, we are hitting our stride with our company identity, to be your best resource in high-end travel around the world.  Yes, the foundation of our company is our editorial online magazine, where we have the best in travel recommendations.  But we have become so much more than a website.  For our First Class Members, we have exclusive events throughout the year, from the Presidential Suite at the Pierre, to the secret lounge Rarities, to Beautique, the latest den of debauchery.  We also have exclusive perks, from partners like Mustique, TCS World Travel, Le Sereno and many others to hook you up as the VIP that you are.  And we can’t forget our full-service travel concierge, who can arrange all your travel, from discounted airline tickets, hotels, yachts or whatever your heart (legally) desires.  Keep a lookout this year for our online bookings and the launch of our Reviews, written by purveyors of taste like yourself.  By the time we’re through this year, I expect that luxury travel and Galavante will be synonymous. 

Personally, the travels I’ve experienced this past year changed my life, and have put me on a path for 2015 and beyond.  I had the unusual experience of having four rainbows come to me as I traveled around the world last year.  It was as if the universe was trying to teach me something in each place.   The first rainbow was on Bondi Beach, where I pondered the direction of our company as I walked alone along the rainy promenade.  To me, the rainbow was a sign that there was indeed a pot of gold at the end of this adventure.  In Turkey, I was with a dear friend on a sailboat, and envisioned a family full of children.    As we sailed the Lycian Sea, there was a double rainbow, which I hope means that this dream will come true.  Shortly thereafter, I went to South Africa on safari, and on my first sunset in the Kalahari Desert, I experienced another double rainbow.  It was here, as I slept out in the bush alone one evening looking out into the vast land, where I had my most profound change. I was forced to face some difficult personal truths, which I found to be scarier than being completely alone in the wild.  As devastating as some of these realizations could have been, the universe also gave me a glimpse at happiness and love, where my heart opened in a way that has never allowed me to turn back since.   

My last rainbow was with those who are most dear to me in this world.  My cousins and their families joined me in Anguilla to celebrate my birthday, and here I was blessed with a single vibrant rainbow as I walked along the beach.  I look at this rainbow as my gift, representing the beautiful children I have in my life and the family and friends who have supported me, believed in me and inspired me.  This 2015 is where we plan to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Thank you for being part of the adventure at Galavante.



Christine Drinan
Founder and Editor-in-chief