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Nayara Camps Opens in Costa Rica

Nayara Resort, Spa, and Gardens: Your New Tented Camp
November 20, 2019
By , Contributor

As much as well all love the great indoors, sometimes it’s nice to get back to nature. Not just to look at it or walk around in it. But to feel it: breathing in the fresh morning air can remind us that it’s okay to unplug from time to time (despite what your boss says). And soon, you’ll have just the place to do that.  

In December 2019, the Nayara Tented Camp will be opening in Costa Rica. Not only are these tents smack-dab in the middle of nature, they’re also located in one of the most beautiful eco-systems on Earth. If you’re a nature lover, you’ve probably already heard of Arenal Volcano National Park. It’s the Garden of Eden, meets Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The region hosts over 400 species of birds, has amazing hiking trails, and even has hanging bridges running through rain forests. If dangling bridges aren’t enough for thrill seekers, why not go white water rafting in the Sarapiqui River or go canyoning in the ominously named Lost Canyon?

But don’t be fooled by the idea of staying in a tent. You’ll be far from roughing it - these tents are insanely spacious. Plus, twelve of them will be mirror image tents so they’re perfect for that couple’s getaway. Or, if you’re traveling with family, you’ll be thanking the Costa Rican heavens that the kids get their own tent. But, the best part is that you get to experience all of this nature guilt-free, because the project was designed to be completely eco-friendly. The tents were designed from sustainable materials, they’re in the process of planting 1000 Guarumo trees, and they’re working hard to protect the sloth - nature’s most loveable slowpoke.

Also, in case you’re wondering about the spa treatments, the tented camp is an addition to the world-renowned Nayara Springs and Nayara Resort, both of which you will have full luxury access to. And, yes, that includes their amazing spa treatments, through which you can literally have your whole body immersed in chocolate. It also means you have access to the swim-up bar, hot springs in lush forests, and fine dining. Not exactly the kind of tented camping you did as a kid.

So for your next vacation, put away the laptop, turn your phone on airplane mode, and get out of the great indoors—you’ve got a date with nature.