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Luxury Singapore Experience

Six Senses Singapore
December 21, 2018
By , Contributor

When you’re inviting guests to a black-tie dinner or a casual cocktail hour, what’s the first thing you do? Clean. Then you pour a (big) glass of wine, and then clean some more. Why? Because you take pride in showing off your beautiful home. Well, just like you, Six Senses couldn’t be prouder of opening a new resort in their hometown—Singapore.

Six Senses Duxton and Maxwell have invited you into their home with open arms, and they didn’t pull any punches. Designer Anouska Hempel knows a thing or two about style (if her name sounds familiar, it’s probably because she used to be a Bond girl). She made sure that these two properties offered all the luxury you’d expect from Six Senses without losing any local culture. Spoiler alert: she nailed it.

Plus, it’s a total crowd pleaser. There’s literally something for everyone. Want a relaxing spa treatment to take ten years off your face? They’ve got you covered. Feeling like a classy champagne kinda night? They’ve got you covered. Looking for a rowdier evening kicked off with a double whiskey on the rocks? You guessed it—they’ve got you covered. This is truly a place where you can choose your vice or indulge your virtue.

Six Senses wants you to share local culture by staying at one of their two resorts in the heart of the city—oh, and as a guest of either, you have access to both. Yes, you read that right. Both. So instead of cleaning your house for other people, enter someone else’s for a change. Six Senses Singapore’s fully furnished luxury resort is ready to make you feel at home—they’ll even pour that (big) glass of wine for you.