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Luxury Outdoor Adventure in Iceland

Iceland Eleven
December 14, 2018
By , Contributor

The 1984 mockumentary “This Is Spinal Tap” put the expression “take it to eleven” on the tip of everyone’s tongue. The guitarist, Nigel Tufnel, explains that most amps only go to ten—but his new custom Marshal goes to eleven. When asked why he didn’t just make ten louder, he says, “Well, yeah, but… these go to eleven.” And it’s true: some things in life can’t merely be turned up—they have to be taken to a whole new level. And that’s exactly where we get Iceland Eleven: next level adventure.

Iceland Eleven isn’t your ordinary vacation. In other words, you aren’t coming here on any racked-up hotel points. This is a completely unique, borderline life-changing experience. The team is a highly skilled hodge-podge of international adventure specialists. And trust us, these guides know what it means to live. Not just to have a nice weekend, not just to take a few cool selfies for the scrapbook, but to find your limits and push them past your wildest expectations (safely, of course). Cranking it to eleven.

Though you have many locations all over the globe to choose from (ranging from Le Mirroir in France to Crested Butte in Colorado), there’s no beating Troll Peninsula in Iceland. Adventuring in Iceland with the Eleven team is perfect for someone who is simply crushing it in life and looking for their next new thing: someone who knows the value of a genuinely great experience and is willing to pay for it. You’ve heard people talking about chasing down the Northern Lights, right? At Troll Peninsula, the Northern Lights are chasing you. They’re your heated pool’s backdrop. All that’s missing is that special someone in your life and a glass of champagne (though, to be fair, Iceland Eleven can provide at least one of those).

So, whether you want to get into some hardcore skiing, awesome sea kayaking, or just stay in a place that most people only see on their screensavers, Iceland Eleven isn’t just a hot tip—it’s an absolute necessity. For your next vacation, don’t just make ten louder. Take it to Eleven.