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Luxury Bali Relaxation Experience

Six Senses Uluwatu
December 14, 2018
By , Contributor

In life, you have three categories of pleasure: good, better, and best. Some things are good—like window shopping for diamonds at Harry Winston. Some things are better—like leaving the store with a new ring and earrings to match. And some things are just the best—like getting a private tour of the Winston vault and having that new diamond ring crafted just for you. The point is that all jewels are good, but crown jewels are the best. When you stay at the new Six Senses Uluwatu resort in Bali, you’re getting exactly that: the crown jewel.

Six Senses resorts have already raised the bar in the world of luxury, so saying they’ve outdone themselves is really saying something spectacular. With that disclaimer in mind, this could quite possibly be the best hotel they have. The name “uluwatu” partly comes from “ulu,” meaning “land’s end,” which is fitting. Once you’ve seen it, there’s really nowhere else that will top it. The other half, “watu,” comes from “rock,” which doesn’t quite do the beautiful cliffside views justice—at least not in English. But you can judge that for yourself.

The fact that the Six Senses resort has now become the destination spot in Bali is as crystal clear as the oceans it overlooks. They have these amazing villas that have either single or multiple rooms, and both options have private decks, outdoor baths, and breathtaking ocean views. But if you really want to spoil yourself, you need to get a specialty villa. The Retreat is situated on a cliff, is nearly 40,000 sq. ft, has three private pools, outdoor daybeds, and a wine cellar. Yeah, it really doesn’t get much more baller than that.

As you’d expect, their spa experience is absolutely top notch too. You’ve probably heard of “farm-to-table.” Well, they’ve figured out how to make “farm-to-massage-table” by using locally grown ingredients in their treatments. They have outdoor massage sessions, yoga, a gym, and ten treatment rooms. If this place can’t cure your stress, then nothing can. Plus, you can rest assured that all the luxuries here—including the architecture itself—were built with the environment in mind. The Six Senses resort has made major strides in launching sustainability programs to keep the true Bali culture intact.


Look, if you’re someone who likes the good things in life—like jewels—then you should put this resort on your bucket list; but if you’re someone who likes the best things in life—like the crown jewels—then you need to put the Six Senses Uluwatu resort on your immediate To-Do list. After all, there’s good and there’s better, but nothing tops the best.