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Working From Barbados
July 22, 2020
By , Writer

Chances are your whole life is on zoom. If you're like us and your professional outfits now involve joggers, and you’ve set up a fake bookshelf in your bedroom, well, we have some good news for you.  

Barbados recently announced their new 12 month Work Stamp for remote workers from The United States. That’s right, remote work from home is now remote work from. . .  Barbados

The beautiful Island in the Caribbean is the latest to release a creative initiative to fill the gap in tourism courtesy of Pandemic. The plan, which alleviates questions surrounding quarantine for those doing shorter stays, will allow Americans and Europeans to establish themselves as workers on the island for a lengthier stay. 

Several airlines, including American, Jet Blue, British Airways and Air Canada have or will resume flights by July 25th, and barring visitors passing a Covid-19 test, will be welcomed by relaxed social distancing rules and all things tropical. Workers in condos, hotels and rental villas will have free reign over breathtaking beaches where snorkeling with turtles, and bathing in the sun will factor into each work day, and a mid-afternoon rum will replace the red bull.

Students are welcome, too. Barbados is also open to those studying at American Universities who need a place to stay while taking classes online. That’s right. Study breaks will now be mid afternoon surf sessions. 

At the end of the day, zoom burnout is real, but in Barbados, it’ll probably be worth it.