• Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Private Plane Travel For You and All Your Friends
August 19, 2020
By , Writer & Editor

For those of you who have European passports or European spouses or did a 14-day quarantine in the UK, there’s a new private-plane-for-the-people way to travel this summer. Welcome Aero, which lets you buy seats on private charters to places like Ibiza, Mykonos and Nice. Because you want to live your best pandemic life.

Aero is the company that is making its mission to bring the golden age of travel back to aviation.  The model sounds familiar; shared private airplanes to glamorous destinations around the world.  The execution, they promise, will be much better than the comopanies that came before them.  Aero has serious backing behind them - Expa, a Silicon Valley incubator - which is promising, and the pricing is attractive starting at around 825 euro per seat.  Right now they are focused on the European market, which is where you want to be this summer into fall.    

Their Aero App minimizes touch points, especially helpful during these times, and their Concierge team on the ground assists with any travel arrangements for the rest of your travels such as transfers, hotels and dinner reservations. So here it is; private plane travel for you an all your friends.