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Best Hotel in Lithuania

Another Reason to Travel to Lithuania: The Hotel Pacai Opens
October 22, 2018
By , Contributing Writer

There are hotels that make a destination worthy of a visit. With the arrival of the Hotel Pacai, we’d like to introduce you to Lithuania. Not that the medieval, charming and as pretty as can be Lithuania hasn’t been worthy of a Baltics road trip. Think cobblestone streets, UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, and food that borders on extremely good. But the opening of the Hotel Pacai makes the capital of Vilnius an even more compelling destination. You will not find a more plush or design-focused hotel in all of the Baltics, so it doesn’t surprise that it’s the only member of the Design Hotels in the entire region. It’s the ultimate “then-and-now” transformation that takes you back to a different time. Oh... if only those walls could talk. 


The 17th century baroque mansion first opened its doors back in 1677 and has seen its share of nobility walk through. But don’t worry; they’ve made some major updates. All the accommodations offer that local, authentic castle feeling but with a modern interior design that looks like it should be part of the next Bond sequel. It’s centrally located in the capital and is surrounded by all the refined cultural gems you’d expect: museums, quaint bookshops, elegant cathedrals, high end shopping and a load of restaurants serving up pure, genuine, Baltic cuisine.  


That is, if you decide to leave the complex. There’s a lot of good in the area, but the Hotel Pacai takes that spa, shop, restaurant and bar in town and elevates it to great. Think serious wellness spa, elevated traditional Lithuanian cuisine a la Noma.. loads of cocktails and craft beers to sip in the SOFIJA Bar and a serious jeweler steps away within the hotel complex. You know, for when Lithuania’s royal roots inspire you to splurge on that Harry Winston piece. After all, these purchases are always best after cocktails.