• Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Park Hyatt Vienna

Where to Stay in Vienna
December 24, 2018

Why we love it;  Vienna has had many a grand dame of  luxe hotels since the Hapsburgs drove their Spanish horse drawn carriages through the cobblestone streets, but finally a real luxury option has arrived with the Park Hyatt.  Set in the historic 100-year-old Bank of Austria building in the ritziest part of the city, you get your historic Viennese experience coupled with the nicest guest rooms across the board.  We are really into the mother of pearl motif that brightens up the old school mahogany paneled common areas, high design furniture in each room, and for god’s sake, we really dig swimming in 24 karat gold.  Yes, the old gold vault is now the swimming pool.   Because every hotel aficionado needs to say they swam in gold at least once in their luxury hotel stays. 

What to know:  This is a very international, sleek and impressive hotel; if you’re looking for old school classic and quaint, there are probably other options for you to explore.  Remember rooms in Vienna are small by most luxury hotel standards and even the high-end hotels sometimes feel like they need to have a fresh coat of paint or some sort of demolition done because of too many coats of paint.  Not here.  The Park Hyatt Vienna is the epitome of chic.