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Ett Hem

Where to Stay in Stockholm
November 27, 2018
Why we like it: In a city where it is challenging to find a hotel that meets the discerning traveler’s standard of luxury, we finally met our go-to spot in Stockholm. Literally meaning “At Home,” the exterior of this stark 1910 building, discreetly located in a residential area of Stockholm, gives you no indication whatsoever of what to expect inside. The Scandinavians are known for their design, and Ett Hem takes it to a different level, marrying modernity and clean lines with cosiness and warmth. The hotel brings in rich jewel tone colors, gold with rustic farm influences, and is inspired by the Scandinavian concept of "huge," which essentially makes everything warm and cozy. Isle Crawford, who had a major hand in the design of Soho House, is the design influence behind Ett Hem. Hence, Ett Hem is the definition of a design hotel, but one where you feel comfortable enough to put your feet up on the furniture. Well, almost comfortable enough.
The living room has an honor bar and couches so comfortable that we held meetings there and made it our home office for the day. When the weather is cooler, and even when it’s not, they have blankets, and there is a conservatorium where you’ll find guests relaxing and reading the afternoon away. It’s no surprise that many guests are local Swedes, and even Stockholm locals, looking for a staycation.
What to know: The dining room and kitchen are communal, so get ready to socialize. If you haven’t been to Stockholm before you’ll spend some time in taxis or walking to the central tourist area. Service is excellent, though it’s also geared towards those who want to feel at home, and not feel too waited on.