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Hotel Maria Cristina

Where to Stay in San Sebastian
September 11, 2019

Why we like it: If you are looking for impeccable service, a beautifully located hotel, and the most luxury option in San Sebastian, the only place to stay in town is Maria Cristina.

The location is tough to beat: the hotel is surrounded with historic promenades and gardens on every side, and is sandwiched between beautiful sandy beaches and the colorful landmarks of La Concha and La Zurriola. The rooms are comfortable, spacious, and elegantly designed in a grey-and-white color scale. And while the hotel is the most expensive in town, it’s a relative value in the range of luxury hotels.

Breakfast is unmissible, and you should get there early to partake in the caviar. The theme of the hotel is food, as it is the home of MIMO, one of leading culinary centers, with their cooking school located in the basement of hotel. You can learn anything from how to make Michelin meals to basic a Spanish tortilla.

A hotel with a good night cap is also a bonus: they continue to feed you with bedtime chocolates at the hotel bar, which is a perfect way to end the night after a full day of gluttony.

What to know: This is a property where you can use your Marriot points – which is convenient for road warriors such as ourselves, and great for maximizing work travel.